The Girl with the Pearls

While it’s nice to see pearls on a mannequin, it’s even nicer to see them on a person.  Friend and muse, the beautiful Lynnette Joy, agreed to come over and take some photos in our pearl necklaces. You can click on the photos to see the necklace on our website.

Keshi Corn Flake Pearls are dazzling with their luster shining in so many directions. Lynette is also wearing here Anu Essentials baroque pearl earrings.

Our potato-shaped baroque pearls are a classic beauty that can be worn long or doubled.

The soft, pink hue reflected in the luster of these pearls is enchanting.

Peacock colored tile and coin shaped pearls add can drama to any outfit.

Peacock coin pearls will add interest to an garment.

Gray/silver coin opera-length pearls can be worn as a double or triple strand accessory.

These ringed white and pink beauties are sublime ~

Double the pleasure!

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