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Food Culturist, Nicole Taylor is a distinctive voice in the food world. She is confident regarding the influence of southern cooking on the American palate. She is also clear about the creative spirit our ancestors infused into the foods they were forced to work with. Nicole’s unapologetic and authentic voice on food and culture is sought after by such news outlets as the New York Times, NPR, as well as lauded food publications.

In her latest exposé, Nicole shares with Grubstreet her Weeknight Dinner Parties and her twists on southern cooking. In some instances, Nicole is a stickler for certain traditional dishes. Don’t even think of trying to get her to taste what she refers to as the sweet cornbread that northerners love. Nicole is also deft at infusing modern, international, and prized heirloom options in with traditional southern dishes. These intriguing ingredients can be found in her “The Up South Cookbook”. At Nicole’s highly anticipated dinner parties I can always depend on tasting something uniquely tantalizing. To hear Nicole’s beautiful yet commanding voice, check out past podcasts on “Hot Grease”.

A native of Athens, GA, Nicole informed me when we first met that she already knew who I was. She had been following Khamit Kinks in Essence Magazine since she was a young teen and was looking forward to the day that she would be old enough to visit NY and have her hair done at the famed salon. We are so proud to have such an inspiring client. Nicole is my go-to for culture insights whether it’s pop culture or historical facts. Thank you, Nicole, for being a voice for our ancestors and for forging a path for future generations.

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