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We are currently offering two types of Spritzers, Spiritual Spritzers, and Refresh Spritzers. Refresh Spritzers are infused with essential oils and are used to cleanse and refresh the air or yourself when you find you or your environment hot, sticky, or stagnant. You can spritz directly towards your face or spritz the air with these natural elements. The molecules of the herbs and essential oils quickly disperse unwanted or foul odors as well as help to uplift you.


The Spiritual Spritzers are what’s known in many traditions as Spiritual Baths. When I tried to use the term Spiritual Bath, it was thought to be something used in the bathtub. That’s not necessarily the case.  Similar to having a sound bath  (meditating or laying quietly while singing bowls are being played). Bath is a term that refers to be energetically covered, enhanced, protected, by a substance or sound, not necessarily having to do at all with a bathtub or bathing.

Our Spiritual Spritzers are specifically formulated using herbs that correspond to a specific part of the mind and spirit in need of being addressed. For instance, holy basil is used in the Centering Spritzer. The Hindu name for holy basil, Tulsi, means “the incomparable one.” Holy basil is commonly used to help with anxiety and stress.   In the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) tradition Holy Basil corresponds to the highest chakra, the crown the head, where consciousness and divinity can be found. It also is affiliated with that part of the spirit that is incorruptible.  This is why the herbs in this Spritzer causes a calming effect that can lead to a feeling of being composed, centered, in command and control of one’s thoughts and emotions.

In the Harmony Spritzer, rose oil is used. Rose oil is a very exquisite and expensive botanical that energetically heals and soothes the heart. It is the heart that is associated with emotions, good and bad. Using rose will help to keep you calm and energetically open the heart to positive emotions and healing.  As with all the Spritzer, while spraying them begin to breath slowly and deeply inhaling their healing elements and allowing their healing abilities to work on and with you.

None of this is new. Our ancient and not too distant ancestors knew the power and benefits of herbs and what herbs to use not only to heal the body but also the spirit. Our great grandparents knew how to go outside of their homes and find herbs and make their home remedies.  In Africa and the Caribbean, many of these remedies are still being honed and practiced.

Currently, we carry twelve Spritzers, three Refresh Spritzers, and nine Spiritual Spritzers.  I’m come to realize a redundancy in having the  Refresh Spritzers. For instance, the Harmony and the Fleur are both infused with rose oil.  The difference is that the Harmony Spritul Spritzer also has herbs.  I have therefore decided to consolidate and streamline the Spritzers. By autumn, we will only be carrying the four most popular Spiritual Spritzers, which are Centering, Harmony, Optimism, and Courage. If you’re interested in any of the other spritzers, I recommend ordering them as soon as possible. Spiritual Spritzers  Refresh Spritzers

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