What’s Your Quarantine Score?

A friend of mine posted this list on her Facebook page, and I thought, how cool.  I also realized there is so much missing from this scorecard, which is also just a bit stingy [...]

Women Who Run With the Wolves

  It is my sincere belief that every woman who can, should have at least two copies of Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, 1992, in her library: one for [...]

Practicing the Art of Self-Care for Our Nails

In this most unusual time, you might find yourself having to do things you had long handed over to others, like doing your hair, taking care of your nails, cleaning your own home, spring [...]

Caring For Your Hair During COVID19

If you are currently wearing a protective hairstyle such as braids, twists, locs, or a weave, chances are you will need a touch-up soon, long before the quarantine is over.  If you have had [...]

I’m Not New to This, I’m True to This

Recently, I posted an ad for one of my Spiritual Spritzers on my professional Facebook page. A stranger (older Caucasian man) commented saying, “Great business model - buy a bunch of spray bottles, fill [...]

Nature’s Natural Ventilator

If you’ve listened to the news, you know that at this time there are not nearly enough ventilators available for all those who need them. In the meantime, there are other options for those who [...]

Nature is Our Best Defense

On Monday, March 2nd, a day or so after it was reported that a case of the Coronavirus was found in the United States, I just happened to be going to shop at the [...]

Copal Blanco ~

The Copal tree produces a resin used for its sacred qualities to cleanse, purify, and disperse old, negative, or stagnant energies.  The Copal trees are endemic to Mexico and Central America. Burning Copal is [...]

The Girl with the Pearls

While it's nice to see pearls on a mannequin, it's even nicer to see them on a person.  Friend and muse, the beautiful Lynnette Joy, agreed to come over and take some photos in [...]

How To Properly Care for Your Pearls

Pearls are the only natural gem that require no processing to be complete. There is no need for cutting, pressurizing, or shaping for their natural beauty to be observed; they emerge from their shell [...]

Honoring Toni Morrison

As a lover of pearls, I couldn’t help but notice that Toni Morrison too had a love of pearls.  When Toni made her transition last year I wanted to honor her in a way [...]

A Sacred Time

It’s the holy season, the season of Lights. In every culture Light is symbolic of the Divine Light, that Light that is within us all that reflects our highest nature. On this first day of [...]

Lynette With the Big Heart

In the mid 1970s, I was introduced to one of the most talented people  I have ever met, Lynette Epps. I don't think there's anything that Lyn can't do, from jewelry to construction, and [...]

Dapper Dan ~ A Man for All Seasons

When I was coming of age during the  70s, it was all about partying, going to the clubs.  I was in my late teens, and my friends and I would go clubbing most Thursday [...]

Hydrate, Moisturize, and Condition Your Hair

A friend recently reached out and touched my hair. She then remarked that my hair felt soft and fluffy, and that her hair felt gummy.  I then touched her hair and, it did feel [...]

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