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Ask Anu

Maat ~ Deity of Truth and Prosperity

Tonight is the full moon in Maat! This Maat cycle began on September 1st on the new moon. Right now Mercury is Retrograde and I will blame Mercury for the incredible delay in posting this [...]

She’s Gotta Have It ~ Creative Journeys – Anu

What an honor to be included in the 30th Anniversary of She's Gotta Have It.  This is a feature video sponsored by Moleskin's new notebook, which honors Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It. [...]

The New Moon in Ausar /Ausar Consciousness

Beginning the 1st of August with the new moon in Ausar began the Ausar cycle which lasts through August 31st. I’d been musing about it for over a month prior knowing this time was imminent. [...]

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Health Tips

The Four Aspects of True Love

It's daunting to consider that most people know very little about true love, yet it is very thing that we desire most. In the western world it is common to have learned about love [...]

An Abiding Love

I have come to realize that I have an abiding love and reverence for Zen Master, Thích Nhât Hanh.   It’s only been a year or so that I’ve known about this incredible teacher. But [...]

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The Yogi’s Corner