I am kicking up my heels because we now carry oud incense!!! This has long been a desire of mine, to offer you oud, the créme de la créme of fragrances.  Oud comes in three forms: the raw wood of the agarwood tree, fragranced agarwood chips, and liquid resin oil.  While the chips are used for fragrancing homes and offices, the oils are used directly on the body as a perfume, and it is also used in luxury perfumes. The most exquisite oud is said to come from Cambodia.  All of the world’s top perfumers from Tom Ford and Christian Dior to Creed,  Dolce and Gabbana, and Armani all have an oud fragrance…even if oud amounts to a fraction of a percent of the total content of their perfumes.  In fact, just declaring that your perfume contains oud, or having oud in a perfume’s name, allows manufacturers to demand top dollar.  Magazines like Town and Country, are now waxing poetically about oud, because like gold and amber, oud is rather expensive and is sold by the gram.  Anu Essentials Perfumes that contain oud are Shaman, Sterling, Sita Red, and Nola, four of our most exotic offerings.

Oud has a very striking odor, which is not for everyone.  Oud oil “…lends mesmerizingly heavydeep and warm animalic, spicy, leathery, balsamic, woody notes to the perfumes,” states Indicana Oud.  There are many different qualities and types of oud.  In my experience, the dosage of oud makes all the difference. Too much oud oil can cause some to feel nauseous or faint.  I’ve only had this reaction once, while in the UAE, where oud is plentiful and it’s common to wear the heavy scent generously, even in very hot temperatures. Many fragrance lovers become addicted to oud.  I, for one, will always have it as a part of my personal collection.

A photo I took while in the UAE, of an oud dispenser

When it comes to oud as incense, it’s quite a different experience. Oud chips offer a very subtle experience unless blended with fragrant oils. Our oud chips are soaked in an exotic oil blend that contains saffron, amber, henna, and rose oils along with other special perfume blends; it is intoxicatingly beautiful. A little goes a long way. See our fragrance soaked oud wood chips pictured below.

Like anything exquisite, there are always fakes, wanna-be’s, and knock-offs.  Don’t be fooled; go for the real deal.  What we are offering at Anu Essentials are the popular bukhoor-perfumed wood chips hailing from Oman.  Oh, yes, honey!  I am not playing; I will be scouring the world right here from my BK brownstone, to provide you with the very best in what the universe has to offer in order to tantalize your olfactory senses.  Visit Anu Essentials Home Fragrances and smell the difference.