I can’t help but notice that clients will spend much more on conditioning and styling hair products than they will on shampoo.  It is often thought that any shampoo will do.  Some folks even use hand soap, dish detergent, or anything that produces suds, believing that all cleansing agents are equal.  However, this is far from true.  Many shampoos strip our hair of essential elements to make it squeaky clean, when in fact, shampoo is as important, if not more important, than anything else we use on our hair.  It sets the ph balance – the level of alkalinity vs. acidity — that determines how easy or difficult it will be for a conditioner to be effective.

About a decade ago, there was an explosion of excitement around natural hair.  Guests at swanky pop-up natural hair events received swag bags loaded with products, in hopes of good reviews from bloggers and vloggers.  Natural hair consumers became collectors of more products than they could ever use.  They mixed and matched using one brand for shampoo, another brand for conditioner, still another for styling agents.  It became a real mishmash.

When consulting with clients as a hair care professional, I typically recommend that they stick to one product line, even if it isn’t my product line.  This is because hair care systems are formulated so that their products work together in tandem, one building on top of the next for the best results, similar to how skincare products are formulated.

Anu Essentials Nourishing Shampoo has been created not just to cleanse the hair, but also to make sure the hair and scalp are not stripped of their natural oils.  Our shampoo includes organic herbs to strengthen and fortify your hair, such as calendula (healing balm from marigold flowers); burdock root (for hair loss and scalp repair); nettle leaf (for hair loss, regrowth, and for shinier and healthier hair); and oatmeal protein (to cleanse your scalp and remove dandruff flakes).  It also contains essential oils to stimulate and heal your scalp, as well as vitamins B, C, and E.  So, you see, not all shampoos are made alike.

In wanting the best for our clients, we offer you an exceptional shampoo for the health of your hair and also for the protection of the planet.  Remember, whatever you put on your hair — or in and on your body — will eventually go down a drain, making its way into our eco-system.  Let’s give the best to ourselves and to the environment.