Nature is Our Best Defense

On Monday, March 2nd, a day or so after it was reported that a case of the Coronavirus was found in the United States, I just happened to be going to shop at the Park Slope Food Coop to purchase a few items.  I wanted to pick up very little in terms of groceries, my main objective was to replenish my immunity supplements.  I arrived at the coop to find it teeming with shoppers and a frantic-type energy was quite palpable. I quickly learned that people were and had been over the weekend, shopping from a place of fear. I was shocked to see for the first time in the nearly 30 years I’ve been a member of the coop, huge bins of grains and legumes empty with signs on the bins saying no back-stock.

Other items that were no longer available included dried dates, frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, frozen berries, and the list went on.  I was delighted though to find what I wanted most was still in stock, I wanted immune boosters.  I was able to get the tinctured herbs Astragalus, Ashwagandha, Elderberry, Time-Released Vitamin C, and Colloidal Silver.  However, by the time my friends arrived at the coop, an hour or two later, these supplements were no longer on the shelves.  They were sold out.

I recommend seeing if you can’t get these herbs, vitamins, and other immune boosters from your local health food store.  If they are out, then try ordering them online.

Another great place to visit would be your local herb store.  If Astragalus, Ashwagandha, and Echinacea are no longer available in tincture form or tea bags in the grocery stores, then buy the loose herbs and steep them for tea. In addition, ginger, turmeric, and burdock root are other immune boosting foods to have in your arsenal.

There are currently no vaccines for the Coronavirus, and even if there were, I would never be taking them.  Nature is chocked full with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-septic elements.  This is one of the primary reasons we need to take better care of the earth; she is our true pharmacy and our first line of defense.

Recently, I thought I had cut my tongue. It felt like a paper cut, but a day later it wasn’t better, in fact it was worse. I knew then that it was not a cut, but instead some type of bacteria.  I took out my herb book and looked up mouth ulcers.  Due to my work of making products infused with essential oils for the health and beauty of my clients, I had each item required.  I currently have approximately three hundred essential oils in my home to make Natural Perfumes, Spiritual Spritzers, Hair Oils, Luxe Body Oils, etc. This recipe required the basics, essential oils I would have in my home even if I made no products ~ two drops of peppermint oil, two drops of geranium oil, four drops of lemon oil, and two drops of thyme oil.

These oils were to be mixed with two teaspoons of brandy and put into half a cup of warm water and swished inside the mouth.  I swished this combo around in my mouth for about 10-15 minutes in the morning and repeated the same thing again that night.  Immediately, my tongue felt better, and 24 hours later, my tongue feels 95% healed.  The oils are killing the bacteria.  Nature is powerful.  Every household should have a great book on essential oils as a reference and a basic essential oil kit, along with some basic immune-boosting herbal tinctures in your home at all times.

Child’s Pose ~ The act of surrender

Remember that the proper amount of rest, practicing meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises will also help with keeping your immunity strong. Whatever you do, don’t panic.  When they go low, you go high.  In other words, keep your vibration high by remaining cool, calm, and collected. That is the best was to make decisions and to operate in general, but particularly when everyone else is bugging out.  In the meantime, see below a few videos and audios on how to protect and boost your immunity and the immunity of your loved ones.  Be well!

Gary Null – At the start of this audio is two-minutes of another radio host speaking.  It’s worth waiting to hear what Gary has to say, particularly if you’re a person who travels by plane often.

KT The Archer Degree – This video is on the virus itself, its nature, and how these viruses come to be.

Deepak Chopra

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  1. MelissaS. March 3, 2020 at 5:43 pm

    I love learning about essential oils and what it can do to heal us. You are right, nature is the best healer. I am going to purchase your recommended herbs and supplements. I enjoyed your blog! Thank you.

    • Anu Prestonia March 3, 2020 at 6:11 pm

      Thank you, Melissa! I had a whole other plan for this week’s newsletter and blog, but yesterday’s experience at the coop was so very disturbing, I had to switch gears and address this as best I can, so that my community can be prepared.

  2. Henry Rock March 19, 2020 at 10:48 pm

    Great advice!
    For those looking for a great natural disinfect should you not find the usual, try this mix:
    >60+% alcohol (this might be tough to find, so get White Lightening or 151 Over Proof Rum instead) – 1 pint
    >Hydrogen Peroxide – 1/2 pint
    >Thyme essential oil – 30 drops
    >Tea Tree essential 3 – 30 drops
    >Grapefruit seed extract (optional) – 30 drops
    >Dr. Bronner’s soap (any) – good squirt for emulsifier to mix oils with other liquids
    Mix in a spray bottle

    This is a great mixture that makes use of the antimicrobial characteristics of the essential oils. Plus it smells great too – naturally. Don’t use without alcohol. This is a key ingredient.

    • Anu Prestonia March 21, 2020 at 3:36 pm

      Thank you, Henry! Of course, I’ve made something very much like this using 200-proof perfumer’s alcohol. It’s great for using on doorknobs, and other surfaces. Take good care.

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