Level Up ~ Electric Resin Burners

After extensive market research, testing one burner after the next,  I can finally offer you a way to level up your home fragrance experience, with this beautiful, ceramic, electric burner. The benefit of using an electric burner is that is doesn’t require any charcoal, which makes for a cleaner, purer way of experiencing your resins. With an electric burner there’s no smell of charcoal mixed in with the resin. I have been on a mission to find these electric burners. I had all but given up when two things happened that made me know that I had to keep searching.

The first thing that happened was I visited a friend who has a most beautiful condo in Maryland. She asked me to burn some resins, and about 20 minutes later, all of her smoke detectors were sounding off. She said it happens every time she burns her resins. We had to turn on the ceiling fans, open the windows, and fan the smoke detectors. It took away from the lovely experience of burning resins.

A week or so later, I visited a friend in her loft apartment here in the city. She has three birds that also live with her. Shortly after firing up the charcoal, she quickly put it out. When I asked her why she shared that she feared the smoke might overwhelm the very tiny respiratory systems of her birds.

This is another benefit of an electric burner. There is no smoke, which allows you to burn your resins without the fear of smoke detectors going off, or compromising the respiratory of any living beings, whether they be people or pets.

I have had my electric burner for a few years now, and I have used both the electric burner and charcoal burners to fragrance my home, along with using tea candles burners. There are pros and cons to these different options. The up-side of using a charcoal burner is you can be mobile carrying it from one room to the next, and the perfuming of the space happens much faster. If I’m fumigating my basement, I’m not going down there with my electric burner. I’ll be going down there to smoke out the smells that occur in a 100-year-old basement with my charcoal burner. An electric burner needs to be plugged in and therefore, stationary. However, it makes for a more sublime and sophisticated way of fragrancing your space.

I still use my charcoal burners when I want to do a spiritual cleansing of my home, or I need to spread the fragrance to the next floor. When the notion hits me, I also will use tea candles, but they are unable to generate enough heat to melt the hard resins like frankincense and myrrh. Tea candles work well with soft resins like Bukhoor and amber. The electric burner can burn both soft or hard resins because it has an adjustable heating dial.  I’ll admit, I have used other less expensive electric burners, only to have to return them because they didn’t work.

So, level up my fragrance loving friends. If you love scenting your home with ancient resins, an electric burner is the crème de la crème of aromatic home experience, no smoke, no charcoal, just pure essence.  Order your Electric Burner here.

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