Recently, I posted an ad for one of my Spiritual Spritzers on my professional Facebook page. A stranger (older Caucasian man) commented saying, “Great business model – buy a bunch of spray bottles, fill them with some sort of cheap good smelling (or at least not bad smelling) stuff, slap a New Agey name on it, and sell it to suckers. Brilliant!”

Anu Essentials Perfume Studio

The above comment by this stranger was shocking; he knows nothing of the many hours of research, procuring of organic herbs, essential oils, and formulating that went into creating this product. I never can figure out what makes people so comfortable with sharing their lack of knowledge and meanness with others. Suffice it to say, this person doesn’t know me, or my business, or anything about the more than 40 years I’ve spent curating natural essences and creating high-quality products to heal and beautify body, mind, and spirit through the use of essential oils and resins.

I am not new to this because all of a sudden, it’s hip. At the age of 21, I decided to take this path with intention, the intention to heal my client’s scalps and enhance the beauty of their hair. This decision led me on a joyful and fruitful journey. My intuition and my heart led me here, and working with nature’s gifts is one of the greatest joys of my life. Herbs, essential oils, and love: that is what my bottles and jars contain healing elements from God’s pharmacy. Shop for botanical infused products that inspire body, mind, and spirit.