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A friend recently reached out and touched my hair. She then remarked that my hair felt soft and fluffy, and that her hair felt gummy.  I then touched her hair and, it did feel gummy, a bit sticky.  She admitted that her hair felt much better when she was using Anu Essentials.

For so many decades, Black women with hair of a certain texture (nappy, kinky, tightly-coiled) avoided exposing their hair to water once it had been straightened with a hot comb.  In my mother’s era, getting your hair wet was a no-no because water reverted the hair to its natural texture since the straightening of the hair was a temporary condition that water exposure would quickly reverse.  No one wanted to go through the inconvenience or embarrassment of having their hair “go back” while in public. Many Black women, during my mom’s era, never learned to swim because of this fear of having their hair return to its natural texture in public places.

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It would seem that we’ve come a long way since those days, but have we?  When I first began having my hair professionally braided in the late 70s, clients were warned that water was the enemy for the longevity of their braided styles.  We were told that in order to keep our expensive braid styles looking nice and neat, we should avoid shampooing our hair for as long as possible.  While the braided and locked hairstyles looked beautiful, they did not always have the loveliest of aromas, as many women and men with Locs and weaves would go weeks and even months without shampooing their hair. At Khamit Kinks dry-shampoos using astrigents and essentials oils were used to address some of these issue.  The natural scent and properties of these  oils that are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and were a interim substitute for water.

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With all the progress of embracing our natural texture, even today’s Naturalista suffers from the fear of hair shrinkage from water exposure.  There is still that need for hair to appear as long as possible even with those who are wearing unconstructed Afros and Afro puffs type hairstyles.

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The irony is that water is the very thing that makes hair thrive. Exposing your hair to the world’s greatest elixir, H2O, helps to prevent dehydration and breakage of your hair. Water is a form of life that gives and perpetuates liveliness.  Hydration adds vibrancy and growth to most things, not just food, plants, the inside and outside of our bodies, but also, our hair benefits from daily exposure to water.  Water makes everything grow.  This is why our Leave-in Conditioner is named, Daily Leave-in Conditioner.  Just like brushing your teeth, for best results hydrating your hair should be a daily health and beauty ritual.

You don’t have to have a full-on shampoo to expose your hair to water.  Allowing the spray from showering to mist your hair or spritzing water on your hair from a spray bottle, will allow for daily hydration.  Take this one step further with our Leave-in Conditioner to hold in that moisture.  Our Leave-in Conditioner is a water-based formulation with moisturizing emollients that allow the hydration to last longer than water  is able to do on its own.  Water evaporates and dries very quickly. Adding our Leave-in Conditioner will allow the hydration of your hair to be extended throughout the day.  You can even use our Leave-in Conditioner instead of water, or in addition to water. So give your hair what it is craving and witness its transformation to healthy and happy hair.  And remember, all of Anu Essentials Products are concentrated, so less is more.  In-joy!

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