How To Properly Care for Your Pearls

Pearls are the only natural gem that require no processing to be complete. There is no need for cutting, pressurizing, or shaping for their natural beauty to be observed; they emerge from their shell magically beautiful, even with their imperfections.

  • The thickness, luster, and luminosity of the nacre and shape of pearls determine their quality and value. To avoid damaging the nacre, you should:
    • Put your pearls on only after putting on your perfume and allowing it to dry completely. Otherwise, the alcohol in perfume will eat away at the nacre.
    • Avoid any kind of alcohol, vinegar, makeup, or caustic substance from coming into contact with your pearls. The mild acids in these substances will compromise the nacre over time, causing pearls to lose their luster.
    • If your pearls are exposed to such substances immediately but gently, wipe them down with a clean, soft, damp cloth.
    • For routine maintenance, gently wipe down your pearls with a soft, dry cloth after each wear.
    • Do not use soap or any type of cleaning agent on your pearls, just plain water.
    • Do not wear your pearls in sea-water or any type of water, shower, bath, river, lake, etc.
    • Do not store your pearls in plastic or with sharp objects that can scratch and or damage their surface.
    • Store your pearls flat, in a soft, fiber-lined case or any type of natural fiber pouch so that they can breathe.
    • Handle your pearls with loving care. Treat them well, and they will offer you many years of joyful wear and lasting beauty.

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