Happy Hair is Hydrated Hair

Water equals life.  In spring the rains arrive softening and hydrating the earth, which invigorates the growth and vibrancy of plant life. Your hair needs this same kind of boost.  Hair is happiest when it is nourished, hydrated, and conditioned. You can train your hair to be happy by giving it what it craves.  Our hair is often craving water because it is dehydrated, dying of thirst due to how infrequently it is exposed to water and the little time devoted to conditioning.

If you are wearing protective styles ~ braids, weaves, wigs and even those who have Locs have hair dehydration. The desire to make a hairstyle last as long as possible ofter means avoiding exposing your hair to water at all cost. This avoidance is not best for your hair.  The same goes for those who wear their hair covered. The cloth covering the head is sucking moisture and hydration from your hair. Those who have their hair colored are also in need of extra hydration and conditioning.  The solution is to create a hair hydration and conditioning regimen.

When wearing protective styles, incorporating a way to cleanse, hydrate, and condition your hair as often as possible is crucial. When wearing Afro styles, curls, or Locs, the same is true. Exposing your hair to water and water-rich products regularly will help your hair to thrive.

For hair that tends towards being dry, daily shampoos are not necessary, nor recommended.  However, daily hydration will help keep your hair healthy. One easy way to expose your hair to water is to skip wearing a shower cap and allow the spraying mist from the shower to dampen your hair. Or, if you prefer a more systematic method, use a spray bottle for your daily mist, this includes those who wear Locs. Spraying your Locs will help with the dryness Locs are prone to have. Follow that up with adding Hair Oil or a Leave-in-Conditioner to seal in the moisture.

When hair is wet or at least damp, is the best time to apply oils, conditioning, or styling products. Your hair can more easily absorb products when it is wet, and conditioning products work best on wet hair. The more you hydrate your hair, the easier it will be to keep your hair from splitting, popping, and breaking off. Conditioning your hair will further enhance the hydration process, adding moisture and vibrancy.

Use our Daily Leave-in-Conditioner to extend your hydration treatment. Light and creamy, this is an efficient, smart, and quick way to condition your hair.

Our Biotin Rich Conditioner is chock full of B vitamins to help heal, repair, and enhance your tresses. For best results, leave this conditioner on for three 3 minutes following a shampoo. Combing through your hair while the conditioner is in your hair helps to prevent breakage. Remember for best results to rinse out your conditioner with cool water.

The Down Under Deep Conditioner is a hair mask treatment that should be incorporated into your bi-monthly or at the least, monthly hair regimen. Thick, rich, and creamy, this luxurious treatment will lead to you having Happy Hair. After your shampoo, towel-dry your hair and then add the Deep Conditioner. Comb through your hair with this treatment still in the hair, and then cover the hair with a shower cap for at least 30 minutes. The heat from your head will cause the conditioner to seep deeper into the inner layers of your hair shaft. The heat expands the outer layers allowing penetration of the conditioner. If you have a hooded hair dryer, less time is required; instead of 30 minutes, sit under the dryer for 10-20 minutes. Remember to rinse out your conditioner with cool water.

Many elements of the body do better with hydration and moisture. Your hair is one of them. For Happy Hair hydrate and condition your hair on a consistent basis!  All three of the above conditioners serve a different purpose.  Add each to your Happy Hair tool kit.  There is a 10% off for the set of three. To ensure you have happy hair, order your conditioning set today.

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