I continue to marvel at those who can resist wearing pearls, and celebrate those who wear them proudly. Combing through endless selections of pearls, working with, and wearing pearls has brought so much joy into my life, and has even enhanced my image of myself. I love seeing photos of strong and influential female power brokers in their mega-sized pearls, such as Coretta Scott King, ​Kamala Harris, ​Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, ​and ​Barbara Bush, who loved pearls so large that she only wore faux pearls because they came super-sized. Queens of every era, right up through contemporary times, wear pearls just because of what they represent – wisdom, femininity, purity, and serenity.

Traditionally, many Black women wore pearls when going to church, and for special occasions like weddings, funerals, and formal dances.  There are endless images of Black celebrities wearing pearls.  I certainly have enjoyed participating in the annual wear pearls on Michelle Obama’s birthday and I myself, had a “Wear Pearls on Toni Morrison’s Birthday” virtual event last year, as a tribute to this incredible writer and keeper of the culture.

Pearls are not just for women of a certain age and older women of influence.  They also adorn young college students as a go-to part of their image, as they pledge sororities.  My niece, who was recently sworn in to the New York State Bar, wore her baby pearls that I gave her to commemorate her first menstrual cycle for this momentous occasion.  She is now thirty years old and began wearing pearls every day since the day I gave her that first set.  In fact, she has different pearls for every occasion.  She even has ​​faux pearls – she calls them her gym-pearls – that she wears to workout at the gym.  These days she loves sporting the grand strand I gave her for passing the bar.  As an attorney working as an advocate for people with disabilities, she is on her way to becoming a power broker who wears pearls.  Want to feel good, look good, and be timeless?  Wear pearls!