Aingeel Z

 Now, that I am no longer offering jewels, I’d like to introduce you to some of my friends whose work I believe you will appreciate.  Let’s begin with Aingeel Talley, whom I first met when she moved from Long Beach, California to New York many years ago.  While studying jewelry-making in school, Aingeel came to our Khamit Kinks salon seeking employment, circa 2005. As I anticipated, Aingeel became one of our star-stylists known for her exceptional skills and keen ability to listen and know what would work best for her clients.

While Aingeel loved styling hair, her first love is jewelry.  She has dedicated a lifetime to refining her always-evolving jewelry skillset towards cultivating an exclusive brand.  Aingeel received her formal education at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, earning an AAS degree in Jewelry Design and a BFA in Accessories Design.  Most of her pieces incorporate natural stones including agate, amethyst, turquoise, tourmaline, and quartz, in addition to lustrous metals such as gold, silver, and brass.  Aingeel’s jewelry is created in small batches to ensure quality.  She can also repair your keepsakes to their original splendor and make your custom jewelry dreams come true.  Currently, Aingeel’s biggest sellers are her beautiful waist beads.  Follow Aingeel on Instragram at @aingeelzjewlery and on Facebook at Aingeel-z Jewelry.


Shimoda is a mixed media artist living in Harlem, New York.  Born in Jamaica, New York, she grew up influenced by her artist parents.  Her range of work includes fiber art and beaded jewelry created from semi-precious stones, pearls, and more.  Her brand, Shimoda Accessories: Art for the Soul, represents a connection to the inner spirit and embodies her feeling that beauty on the inside shines on the outside.

Shimoda’s collection has been on the covers of Essence and other magazines and books.  Entertainers and luminaries who have heightened Shimoda Accessories‘ visibility include Queen Latifa, Halle Berry, Whitney Houston, Cassandra Wilson, Angela Bassett, Ben Kingsley, supermodel Naomi Campbell, Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price and the former president of Spellman College, Johnnetta Cole.

Shimoda had also demonstrated the making of a felt book on HGTV’s Crafting Coast to Coast, and has self-published two books, Sacred Stitches: Fiber Art Dolls for the Soul and Sacred Stitches: The Art of Care Giving.  As a caregiver for her 96-year young mom with Alzheimer’s, the latter book offers solutions that work for her.

Shimoda was honored to have her artwork offered for purchase at the gift shop of The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. You can find Shimoda on Facebook and Instagram @shimodaaccessories

Tina Callender

 Tina was born on a Saturday at 5:12a am, and therefore, calls herself an early riser.  Following in that mode, she says she has taken baby steps in creating jewelry since 2018.

Her father, who graduated from George Westinghouse Technical High School in Brooklyn, in 1951, with a diploma in Jewelry Making, worked in the New York Diamond District.  Her summer job for many years was working with him at Lazarus Jewelers, where she learned all about jewelry crafting, model making, castings, setting stones, etc., under his tutelage.  Friends and family always questioned why she didn’t follow her father into the diamond industry.  Initially, Tina felt that it all came down to fear, which appears in many forms from ‘not having time’ to having her own doubts about her abilities.

Finally, Tina figured out that she wanted to create her own jewelry treasures, and loves working with small beads to make necklaces, each one different and unique.  She credits hearing her parents say, “You don’t have to have what everyone else has, or wear what everyone else is wearing; be you, be different.”  Fulfilling this legacy, Tina creates one-of-a-kind necklaces — in her own words, “one and done” — for JuanitaNewton, the middle names of her parents.  She declares, “I’m no longer taking baby steps, I am ready to walk.”  You can find Tina on Facebook and Instagram at @tinajn511.

I am proud to call these fine artists my friends and clients, and I hope that you find their creations as beautiful and compelling as I do.