Don’t Pass Up that Farm Stand!

Driving up and down a hilly and winding road, I passed a large farm stand that looked more like a bonified store than a stand. Inside, the fresh produce was so brilliant in color, plump in readiness, that it almost made me want to cook. Yeah, I’m the first to admit that these days, it’s difficult for me to get excited about cooking, but seeing this harvest was inspiring.

I picked up lots of peaches and plums, and I also couldn’t resist the artisan Pure Wild Flower honey and maple syrup. They had all kinds of preserves, jams, apple butter, and an array of other fruit jars of butter. It was kind of overwhelming.  I wanted to taste all of it.

The greens were rich in hue, and the concept of farm-to-table took on a whole new meaning. I had been to Peter’s Farm Stand before, several weeks earlier, when I was in the area visiting my nephew and his family. My plan was to go by there again and stock up.  The apples were literally dropping off the trees, but since I have to eat this winter staple October through April I wasn’t quite ready to start chomping on them just yet.  Instead, along with the peaches and plums, I bought a watermelon.

Knowing that I would be visiting with my nephew again, I couldn’t stop thinking about the juicy white flesh peaches, the incredible taste of the broccoli, and how the immediate freshness made the food seem magical, this is the purpose of Farmer’s Markets, farm-fresh.  The public doesn’t have to wait for the time it takes to ship produce, which causes some loss of vitality of the food. I have been a member of the Park Slope Food Coop for 28 years, so I am accustomed to high quality produce, but the farm fresh is in altogether in another category.

Across from this farm with this river with beautiful grounds and fishermen fishing.  Another chance to be out of New York and in nature. What a joy! If you have the opportunity to stop by a farm stand, I highly recommend giving yourself this treat. The distinctiveness in the food is undeniable.  It’s the difference between picking apples or strawberries and tasting them in the orchard as compared to picking them up in a plastic bag or container at your local grocer’s. Your body will thank you for this super fresh experience.

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