Burn, Chew, or Drink

If you have any Anu Essentials Royal Hojari Frankincense, you not only have at top quality resin with an incredible aroma, but you also have a healing agent that can be used in different ways.  Burning frankincense is pretty well known, but you may not be aware that this resin can be chewed like gum (the original chewing gum).  Chewing frankincense is good for overall oral health.

Moreover, some say that chewing frankincense will improve the strength and quality of the voice, and that it also promotes truth-telling and speaking from the heart. Now, these two statements may be old-wives’ tales or, who knows: they could actually be true! What is true is that frankincense has a long history of use as a powerful antiseptic and will rejuvenate the oral cavity, leaving your gums, teeth, and throat fresh and clean after chewing.  So take a nugget out of your jar and just chew on it. You will quickly find it turns into a soft gummy texture.

And finally, frankincense is anti-inflammatory, and for this reason, drinking it as a tea, or as tincture water, also has benefits.  Soak a few nuggets in water near a sunny window all day before drinking the water. It’s certainly much better than many other beverages we are urged to consume.  Then also chew the nuggets. Get the most out of this sacred resin by using it to its fullest capacity.

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  1. Sherri Hobson May 11, 2020 at 3:09 pm

    I recently purchased Anu Essential’s hair products; the shampoo, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and curl lotion.I am so happy and blessed with the results.My hair looks, feels and smells so beautiful! I’m so excited to apply my leave in conditioner daily whether I’m leaving the house or not because it lifts my spirits.
    I am also in love with Royal Hojari Frankincense White resin.I discovered today that I can use the resin in multiple ways.Right now I am chewing the resin for the health of my gums and added support to fight inflammation. Thank you Anu for the essentials to an enhanced day.

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