Brooklyn Botanic Rose Garden 2019

Every June, the Brooklyn Botanic Rose Garden provides an extraordinary treat for rose lovers.  This past Friday was a most beautiful day in Brooklyn.  It was warm and sunny with a lovely breeze, a perfect day for visiting the gardens, not too hot and most certainly not cold.

My former intern, Maati Angaza, a dance major, was home from her studies as at Temple University and wanted to get together.  Imagine my delight when I suggested the Botanic Gardens, and she said she would love to meet there.  What a wonderful time shared sniffing and taking photos of the roses and each other.  Here are some of the pics that I shot that glorious day.

This soft yellow and pink rose looked ethereal as if it would disappear if you tried to touch it and the aroma was just as soft and lovely.

Ahhh, yellow roses, the flower that represents the Goddess Oshun / Het Heru, the Goddess of love, relationships, harmony, beauty, sensuality, sexuality, and the arts.

I had to put my nose right in everyone that called to me.  I took long, slow, in-breaths to experience the most of each aroma.

This pink beauty looks like a painting and smelled divine.

It was interesting to experience how the color of each flower seemed to influence its fragrance.

On this beauty, I can give you more details. It is actually a bourbon rose founded in 1817 on Réunion Island.  Thought to be a natural cross between a pink China rose (a repeat bloomer) and an autumn damask rose (highly fragrant).

It was a marvelous day, so naturally, I had to put my foot in it.

If you close your eyes and imagine the smell of these roses, their fragrant gifts might visit your imagination.

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