Pearls are the only gems that don’t have to be cut, pressurized, or put through a machine in order for their beauty to be revealed. Instead, baroque pearls develop through the sublime pressure and process of evolving in a sea shell. When harvested, pearls present themselves as both beautiful and complete.

My love of this natural gem has made me long to share pearls with others. Daily I receive compliments on my pearls. I finally leaped, and I now present to you, Baroque Pearl Earrings and Pendants from yours truly. Baroque pearls are an irregular non-spherical shape. Shapes can range from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinch, or lumpy shapes, which only enhances their beauty, mystery, and allure.

I have made these natural baroque pearls into earrings and pendants with my own hands. There are three styles; Simply Beautiful is just the pearl by itself without any other gems added, a popular everyday style.  A Little Something, has a few semi-precious beads above the pearl and can to be worn to work or special events.  Then there are the Clusters of Love. I call them Clusters of Love, but the clusters are made using triple-A quality 2mm, semi-precious beads.

The luminous and iridescence quality of baroque pearls are magical and magnetic not only to the wearer, but they are also compelling to those who will be admiring your water sourced gems.  The energy of pearls is that being cool, calm and collected.  It is the preferred jewel of the water Goddess.

What determines a pearl’s beauty, quality, and the price is the color, thickness and luminous quality of its lacquer. The lacquer is the lustrous outer layer of the pearl, which is porous. Therefore, protecting the lacquer of your pearls is of utmost importance.

The fun of matching Pearls

Here are some tips ~

Always put your pearls on after applying your fragrance whether it’s perfume or fragrance oils. The alcohol in perfumes and the compounds of fragrance and essential oils can eat away at the lacquer of your pearls.

There’s a story of a pearl expert who before becoming an expert, wore an expensive pearl necklace to a dinner party.  She was helping the host in the kitchen when some salad dressing was inadvertently splashed on her.  She wiped down her clothing and thought nothing more of it.  Later when she arrived home, she put her pearls away.  Weeks later when she took them out to wear them again, she discovered that her pearls had been destroyed.  The vinegar in the salad dressing had eaten through the lacquer, creating holes are throughout these porous gems.  Had she wiped them down immeditely, she could have saved her pearls.

If food or any acidic substance ever touch your pearls be sure to clean them by gently wiping them with a clean, damp, cloth.  It is not necessary to nor is it recommended to use any soap or detergent to clean your pearls.

Don’t delay, be ready when Mother’s Day arrives and order your baroque pearls today.