One of the important aspects of physical mobility is the ability to balance.  Balancing is not a static thing; it is in constant flux, and if we’re smart, we are constantly seeking balance in all aspects of life.  In many yoga practices, several standing poses require balance and strengthen a practitioner’s ability to balance on one foot at a time.  The same is true of Tai-Chi’s practice, whose slow, easy flowing movements naturally strengthen the ability to balance and move gracefully.  One of the things I continue to practice is putting on my socks and shoes while standing on only one foot and then the other instead of sitting down.  This may seem like a simple act that couldn’t possibly increase your ability to balance. Still, if you multiply it by how many times you put on your socks and shoes, there are recurring opportunities to practice balancing.

By its nature, the practice of balancing also strengthens the nervous system.  You can even make it simpler by just practicing lifting one foot off the floor for several seconds before changing to the other foot.  Do this every day, increasing the amount of time one foot is off the floor each time and see the growth in your ability to maintain your balance.  When you become very confident with balancing, start practicing this with your eyes closed.  Having the ability to balance can also prevent you from falling when you stumble, and if you do fall, you can fall like a child; that is, don’t try to prevent it.  Go with the flow, and you’ll fare much better.  Come on, let’s get this balancing act going and growing!