As a child, I loved coloring, and still do, but today coloring options are far more sophisticated and use any number of computer coloring programs. Since I enjoy coloring by hand in a coloring book, I have yet to seek out these digital coloring programs. I need breaks from being on my computer, and coloring in a coloring book offers me this choice.

I have a great admiration for elephants, so coloring this one was a delight. I used  both gel-pens and color pencils.

This mermaid goddess is a fantasy of my alter-ego. It was immersive to color these watery elements . I used gel-pens on the large parts, and color pencils on the tiny parts.

I am happy with the colors I chose for this owl, though disappointed that I can’t seem to inspire myself to finish all the tiny parts surrounding the owl. Perhaps, one day, I will get to it. This was done with all gel-pens.

Diana Ross, the boss, can be found in, “I Heart My Hair Coloring Book.” I made the mistake of trying to color her face with gel-pens. It would have been much better to leave the face unpainted or to use colored pencils. I did enjoy filling in the hair with metallic colors.

Mandalas represent the concept of no beginning and no end. Although all coloring can allow one to be so focused that you are completely present with what you’re doing, coloring a mandala feels even more like a moving meditation as you fill-in these circles within circles.

Coloring these pages brought me a lot of relaxation, fun, and creativity. I imagined myself a painter of sorts. That’s right!  We are all allowed to fantasize.

The mandalas are from Mandala Coloring Book For Adult Relaxation ~ Coloring Pages for Meditation and Happiness by Viktoria Yakubouskaya

The elephant and the owl can be found in, Living Wonders COLOR ART for everyone

The mermaid goddess and Diana Ross coloring pages can be found in, I Heart My Hair: A Coloring Book of Braids, Coils, and Doodle Do’s