Even though it’s not yet as warm as I would like it to be for this moisturizing trick, after bathing, I dry only my back with my towel. For the rest of my body, I use my already damp washcloth. This has long been my regular drying-off practice as a way of keeping my skin hydrated; it makes the towel less wet and allows my Luxe Body Oil to penetrate my skin more readily. The oil also glides across the skin in such a silky way when the skin is still damp.

Since I’m bathing more often these days, I’ve had time to think about some of the strange changes in my self-care routines during this pandemic.  As I recently read, deodorants are selling at an all-time low, which confirms that I’m not the only one experiencing changes in grooming practices.  The most curious realization for me is that I’ve become more drawn to taking baths than showers.  As a child coming up in the south during the 60s, we only had bathtubs, so when we moved north, I was enraptured by showers.  I declared at ten years old that I would never take another bath; as you might imagine, my mother wasn’t hearing that.

Then, as a young adult, I began appreciating baths again, but being a busy entrepreneur kept me from taking a bath more than once a week.  During this pandemic, I have come to prefer a shower only if I am rushing to get out of the house.  Perhaps this is because I have more time on my hands as I rarely leave my home, though I think it’s something more.  Bathing is ever so relaxing, like taking a mini-vacation which has the effect of slowing us down.  In fact, taking baths is a personal luxury that we can afford ourselves.

Many years ago, I remember a dear friend looking for an apartment and finding many she liked, but she refused to rent one that only had a shower stall.  It had to also have a bathtub, so she could have the option to bathe or shower.  I’m with her on that.  If you’re rushing to get out of the house, a bath will definitely change your trajectory.  Since many of us have more time now — and in many cases more stress — I would like to encourage you to run a bath, soak, luxuriate, and ruminate.  Lather up with Anu Essentials Creamy Natural Soaps. After getting out of the tub, squeeze the excess water out of your washcloth to dry off, instead of using a towel, and then sweetly slather on an Anu Essentials Luxe Body Oil to moisturize, care for and lubricate your precious body.