Dearest Ruth ~

My dear friend, confidant, former business partner, sister-friend, surrogate big sister and sometimes mother-figure, Ruth Dunn, aka Ruth Sinclair, made her transition to the realm of the ancestors on Friday, August 27th.  I had [...]

Life and Loss

Life is filled with beauty, love, adventure, exhilaration…and loss.  Sometimes life can turn on a dime, upending your entire reality.  You could lose a parent, a child, a friend, your job, spouse, status, your [...]

Cleanse and Purify Your Space

 A few years ago, I had labels made for a cleansing spritzer because I knew I wanted to make such a product, but I could never seem to get around to creating the formulation…until [...]

Ambassadors Abroad

My dear friend, Shannon Ayers Holden, former owner of Turning Heads Salon in Harlem, relocated with her husband, James Holden, to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) more than a decade ago.  Shannon [...]

Balancing Act

One of the important aspects of physical mobility is the ability to balance.  Balancing is not a static thing; it is in constant flux, and if we’re smart, we are constantly seeking balance in [...]

The Kimono Life

What’s old is new again.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but antique and vintage Japanese kimonos have become a fashion statement in these contemporary times.  I find kimonos very alluring, so when I [...]

Squat for Your Life

Strong knees and the ability to squat with ease are a reflection of our strength, agility, and vitality.  I know from friends that many people are not doing the particular exercise that would be [...]

Spring Cleaning through Fragrance

The promise of spring with its renewal, softening, and awakening of the earth, the blossoming of the trees and flowers, ushers in a most exhilarating season.  With spring comes spring cleaning: clearing out the [...]

Sexual Healing

The sap rises with spring, and that isn’t just the sap of trees.  Our vital energy also rises with spring.  Considering that March is Women’s History Month, I thought I would summon the courage [...]

Ooo, Oud!

I am kicking up my heels because we now carry oud incense!!! This has long been a desire of mine, to offer you oud, the créme de la créme of fragrances.  Oud comes in [...]

The On-Going Challenges of Natural Ingredients

Nature is like a loving mother.  She can give, give, and give, but reciprocity is required, or we all suffer.  Reciprocity can be as simple as being respectful, taking only what we need, giving [...]

Meet Brother Insight – Qigong Teachings

Many of you may already be aware of my love and appreciation for the five-thousand-year-old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  As a former student of TCM, I am quite aware of its profound [...]

Mystical Resin Incense on a Stick

After searching far and wide, we finally have incense sticks that will wow you.  I know there are some of you who couldn’t get into the ancient groove of burning raw resins.  I’ve kept [...]

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