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Labradorite ~ Jewelry as Talisman

When wearing anything that touches your body, those items will be infused  with your energies, natural aromas, and DNA.  This is true of not only your clothing but also your jewelry. Jewelry made of [...]

Aligning With Your Soul’s Calling

  Does your vocation match your Soul's calling?  You can tell if your work isn't fully aligned with your Soul if it depletes you, if you dread waking up, or if you feel like [...]

The Food Culturist

Food Culturist, Nicole Taylor is a distinctive voice in the food world. She is confident regarding the influence of southern cooking on the American palate. She is also clear about the creative spirit our [...]

Inner Radiance Outer Glow

Most of us are not necessarily conscious of the fact that when we look at others, we observe their level of vitality and radiance, which is an indication of their Qi (pronounced Chee). I [...]

What’s In Your Stride?

One of my favorite hobbies is people watching and turning sixty has added a new dimension to this hobby.  More than ever, I find myself observing the stride of others, how people are walking. [...]

Tucson Big Sky and Gem Show

    When I visit a city it’s like visiting someone’s home. The atmosphere, weather, the people, the vibration of the place is like a host and I determine if it’s a lovely host [...]

How To Be Ageless

How To Look Ageless   As I approach the end of my 60th year, I found it touching when a dear friend who is decades younger than I, suggested that I write a blog post [...]

Spritz It Baby!

It is such a delightful feeling when friends share with me their experiences of using Anu Essentials.  Two friends recently disclosed the impact of using Anu Essentials while traveling.  Let’s just say, they fragrantly [...]

That Daily Burn

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t wait to stop having a monthly menstrual cycle. I thought once that was over, never again would I have to pause my daily exercise regimen. [...]

Alluring Honeysuckle

I have a fondness for herbaceous aromas, so for nearly 40 years I have been using the same two hair oils on my hair and scalp, Medicinal and Herbal. I would go back and [...]

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