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Agadir and Essaouira ~ Cities by the Sea


  A shot I took of a remote ocean view in Agadir Leaving the remote village of Tinouainane was bittersweet. We had bonded with our hosts and enjoyed their hospitality, but after being there for five days, we were ready for a new adventure.  Taroudant was our first stop on the way [...]

The Claudio Bravo Palace


After five days in the mountains of the sleepy village of Tinouainane, it was time to leave for the bustling city of Agadir. On the way to Agadir, there was a planned stop in the province of Taroudant, where the Claudio Bravo Palace resides. A native of Chile, Claudio Bravo was an internationally celebrated [...]

Nature at the Claudio Bravo Palace


The care, nurturing, and respect of nature adds an element that is unparalelled. The entrance of the Palace has only native plant life that can withstand the heat and direct sun The threshold to the garden looks like a painting. pathways that lead to gardens A slight [...]

The Hand of Fatima


Hands create. Hands provide. Hands are sacred. Hands heal. I love hands. Perhaps it’s because I used my hands for countless hours, many years and some decades doing hair. It could be that the practice of yoga deepened my appreciation and gratitude for the blessing of hands. That is why the Hamsa has sent [...]

The Myriad Faces of Morocco

2018-08-09T17:42:13+00:00Anu's Adventures|

Mention that you’re going to Morocco to anyone and it seems their eyes get wide and a look of wonder comes over their faces whether they’ve been to Morocco before or have always imagined going there. The idea of Morocco has that special effect on people. So when Poet Lauréate of North Carolina, Jaki [...]

Diversity in Yoga

2018-06-30T01:51:58+00:00Blog, Health & Wellness|

At the top of the month, I attended the SoulFestNYC held in Harlem. Soul Fest is an annual, outdoor yoga event that is held at the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building grounds on 125th Street and all are welcomed. It just so happened that I was exhausted that morning and had no intentions [...]

KuKulkan Transformation

2018-07-02T00:27:10+00:00Blog, Travel|

This year for her birthday one of my dear sister-friends decided she wanted to spend her 60th at a beach resort in Mexico with her friends.  You know the type, they ask for what they want, and the Universe provides.  Don't you just love that? There were six of us and two out of [...]

Uplift and Honor Him

2018-06-08T18:16:42+00:00Blog, Health & Wellness|

When Father's Day is on the horizon, it always gives me cause for pause. I’ve written about this topic a few times, but each year I find myself compelled to say something more. There are so many amazing fathers in our community, and they are rarely given the acknowledgment that they deserve. We hail [...]

Gift Him


We know it can be challenging to shop for men; they can be more particular than women.  Allow me to let you in on a well-kept secret; men love Anu Essentials! We appreciate our male clients, those who purchase their own Anu Essentials products, but there are those men who use the Anu Essentials [...]

Mala Prayer Beads

2018-06-03T02:13:34+00:00Adornment, Spirituality|

For eons, indigenous cultures around the globe have used beads as a prayer tool and are also referred to as talimans, something that is charged with energy and power to create change. Used for meditation Japa Mala Beads are also referred to as prayer beads. They are an integral part of the ancient Hindu, [...]