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I’m Not New to This, I’m True to This


Recently, I posted an ad for one of my Spiritual Spritzers on my professional Facebook page. A stranger (older Caucasian man) commented saying, “Great business model - buy a bunch of spray bottles, fill them with some sort of cheap good smelling (or at least not bad smelling) stuff, slap a New Agey name [...]

Nature’s Natural Ventilator


If you’ve listened to the news, you know that at this time there are not nearly enough ventilators available for all those who need them. In the meantime, there are other options for those who are not yet in dire need. The first thing I would highly recommend is to acquire some eucalyptus oil. You [...]

Nature is Our Best Defense


On Monday, March 2nd, a day or so after it was reported that a case of the Coronavirus was found in the United States, I just happened to be going to shop at the Park Slope Food Coop to purchase a few items.  I wanted to pick up very little in terms of groceries, [...]

Copal Blanco ~


The Copal tree produces a resin used for its sacred qualities to cleanse, purify, and disperse old, negative, or stagnant energies.  The Copal trees are endemic to Mexico and Central America. Burning Copal is essential to sacred ceremonies in Mexican culture like the Day of the Dead when ancestors are honored. I first came [...]

The Girl with the Pearls


While it's nice to see pearls on a mannequin, it's even nicer to see them on a person.  Friend and muse, the beautiful Lynnette Joy, agreed to come over and take some photos in our pearl necklaces. You can click on the photos to see the necklace on our website. Keshi Corn Flake [...]

How To Properly Care for Your Pearls


Pearls are the only natural gem that require no processing to be complete. There is no need for cutting, pressurizing, or shaping for their natural beauty to be observed; they emerge from their shell magically beautiful, even with their imperfections. Pearls are porous, and as such, their most valuable asset, their nacre (outer coating), [...]

Honoring Toni Morrison


As a lover of pearls, I couldn’t help but notice that Toni Morrison too had a love of pearls.  When Toni made her transition last year I wanted to honor her in a way that was dear to me and in which I could include others.  I thought let’s honor Toni by wearing her [...]

A Sacred Time


It’s the holy season, the season of Lights. In every culture Light is symbolic of the Divine Light, that Light that is within us all that reflects our highest nature. On this first day of the Winter Solstice, I would like to remind you of the spiritual power that is available to us at this [...]

Lynette With the Big Heart


In the mid 1970s, I was introduced to one of the most talented people  I have ever met, Lynette Epps. I don't think there's anything that Lyn can't do, from jewelry to construction, and everything in-between.  At that time Lynette was an airline stewardess aka flight attendant for TWA - Trans World Airlines. I [...]