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Meet Brother Insight – Qigong Teachings


Many of you may already be aware of my love and appreciation for the five-thousand-year-old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  As a former student of TCM, I am quite aware of its profound modalities that allow the body to repair and heal itself naturally.  A dear friend recently referred me to a Qigong [...]

Mystical Resin Incense on a Stick


After searching far and wide, we finally have incense sticks that will wow you.  I know there are some of you who couldn’t get into the ancient groove of burning raw resins.  I’ve kept you in mind, and now we have incense on a stick!  No thank you to those run-of-the-mill street corner imposters.  [...]

Extraordinary Jewelers


Aingeel Z  Now, that I am no longer offering jewels, I’d like to introduce you to some of my friends whose work I believe you will appreciate.  Let’s begin with Aingeel Talley, whom I first met when she moved from Long Beach, California to New York many years ago.  While studying jewelry-making in school, [...]

What I Wouldn’t Do For Resins


Forgive me for over-sharing; my work to deliver to you, my wonderful clients, the most cherished of resins, is truly a labor of love.  Interestingly, these resins, whether solid or liquid, require extra time and work in their handling.  For example, perfumer’s grade resins are liquid but are very thick and difficult to use. [...]

A Tip for Wearing Your Mala Doubled


Admittedly, most of us don’t live a lifestyle that is congruent with wearing our Malas at their full length.  Even during a pandemic, our lives tend to be very busy and harried.  Just like wearing opera length pearls, wearing Malas at their full length requires a kind of mindfulness to prevent them from ending [...]

You Must Condition That!


It is paramount that you have, and use consistently, the essentials needed to keep your hair healthy and looking and feeling fabulous in the new year.  With my intense grind during the holiday sales period, I allowed a few weeks to go by before I stopped to give my hair some love.  And, yes, [...]

Got Pearls?


I continue to marvel at those who can resist wearing pearls, and celebrate those who wear them proudly. Combing through endless selections of pearls, working with, and wearing pearls has brought so much joy into my life, and has even enhanced my image of myself. I love seeing photos of strong and influential female [...]

The Connection Between Perfume and Aromatherapy


I sincerely believe that perfume is a form of aromatherapy, but an unspoken rule is that the two worlds should be kept apart.  Why so?  Interestingly, perfume is marketed as a luxury item, while essential oils are considered medicinal.  What many don’t realize is that the best perfumes are made with perfume-grade essential oils [...]