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The Gift of Rancho La Puerta

2021-08-10T20:28:26+00:00Anu's Adventures|

Mexico; Tecate; Rancho La Puerta My dear friend Shay has been taking retreat vacations at Rancho La Puerta, along with her sister Ashaka off and on since the early 80s. Shay has often shared with me the magic of this wondrous sanctuary and would from time to time suggest that I visit [...]

Stone Love

2017-10-27T00:17:44+00:00Anu's Adventures|

I have this love for stones, an undeniable connection. Perhaps it’s the allure of their grounding energy that attracts me? Stones can be found all around my home; their textures, varying colors, shapes, and the uniqueness of each one is just magical. Although rocks and stones may appear to be inert, each possesses energy [...]

Climate Reality Leadership Corps

2017-10-27T00:13:25+00:00Anu's Adventures|

The recent catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey has once again put nature via the weather front and center in our lives. It is a very serious time when it comes to saving this planet, and thereby saving ourselves. Severe Weather is causing much suffering not only in Houston, Nigeria, Maharashtra, and Mumbai has also been hit [...]

A Return To My Truth

2017-08-26T10:12:59+00:00Anu's Adventures|

In the mid-70s while attending Howard University, I had an awakening.  I began my road to healthy living by becoming a vegetarian.  A College is often a place of new beginnings, self-exploration and discovery.  I began reading the very popular and now iconic Back To Eden by Jethro Kloss, followed by Dick Gregory’s Book [...]

Lavender Love and Loss

2017-08-10T20:06:25+00:00Anu's Adventures|

Sunrise and dramatic clouds over Lavender Field I absolutely love lavender.  The Beatles made a song about strawberry fields, if I were a singer, I’d write a song about lavender fields. I love everything about lavender, the oil, the, color and of course, the fragrance and its countless healing properties.  The uplifting [...]

Frankincense and Myrrh

2017-08-12T18:57:16+00:00Anu's Adventures|

Myrrh and frankincense is an aromatic resin, used for religious rites, incense and perfumes One of the things I will always remember from my Christian upbringing are the gifts given to the precious baby in a manger, known as Jesus.  Since the Three Wise Men knew of his significance, that he would [...]