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Lavender Love and Loss

2017-08-10T20:06:25+00:00 Ask Anu|

Sunrise and dramatic clouds over Lavender Field I absolutely love lavender.  The Beatles made a song about strawberry fields, if I were a singer, I’d write a song about lavender fields. I love everything about lavender, the oil, the, color and of course, the fragrance and its countless healing properties.  The uplifting [...]

Frankincense and Myrrh

2017-08-12T18:57:16+00:00 Ask Anu|

Myrrh and frankincense is an aromatic resin, used for religious rites, incense and perfumes One of the things I will always remember from my Christian upbringing are the gifts given to the precious baby in a manger, known as Jesus.  Since the Three Wise Men knew of his significance, that he would [...]