As a little girl practicing the fundamentals of ballet, I longed to be a ballerina on Halloween.  Why a ballerina? I had this thing about tutus.  To me they were magical!  They seem to suggest that one could fly.  I wanted to don my ballet gear and go from house to house collecting candy in my ballet best!  And a tutu would be the just the thing to set it off.

I guess around the age of ten I came to realize that it would never be warm enough on Halloween to wear a tutu without a coat covering it up.  In that case, what would be the point?

Today I marvel at little girls walking down the street as free as can be wearing tutus, just because!  It doesn’t have to be Halloween, or a party or any special event.  These little cuties wear their tutus because it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or any day of the week.

Tutu and Propositions

Image Courtesy of: TutuTiara

Today’s high in New York will be 56 degrees on this Halloween.  I never thought I’d be happy to say it’s still too cool to wear a tutu without a coat on Halloween.  But that might not be the case if we continue on this trajectory of each year being hotter than the last.

This Friday there will be a high of 73 degrees, days following Halloween.  The old adage “be careful of what you ask for because you might get it” came to me as I marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of Super Storm Sandy. It was 70 degrees and it’s the last days of October.  And though it feels good, we know this ain’t right!

All these years later, I wondered if my childhood wish for Halloween to be warm could have been that powerful?  No, I don’t believe I’m quite that all-powerful.  But with hard work, determination, education and presentations to spread the news, I do believe all of us are strong enough to influence change so that the seasons become what they should be, including, cold on Halloween wherever in the world it’s supposed to be cold.

If you’re a New Yorker, please vote in the upcoming elections on November 7.  And please vote NO to Proposition 1.  This is a proposal to amend the state constitution.  Given our current political climate, this would not be a good move for us, or the planet.  Your Weather Sister is depending on you to do your part.

And guess what? You and I can wear a tutu any time we please.   Happy Halloween!