Beginning the 1st of August with the new moon in Ausar began the Ausar cycle which lasts through August 31st. I’d been musing about it for over a month prior knowing this time was imminent. But I’d been stuck. How daunting it was for me writing about this aspect of the Creator. Why, I asked myself, is it taking you so long to get this together?

I believe what has taken me so long to put into words is that I am utterly in awe of Ausar consciousness. There’s even a part of me that doesn’t feel qualified to even speak of the majesty that is Ausar. Then I am reminded that Ausar is a part of me as he is a part of us all. So I am thus qualified to speak of that which resides in each of us.

Ausar this the highest level of consciousness one can reach on this earthly plane. In the tradition of our Khametic ancestors, the belief is that it takes innumerable lifetimes (reincarnations) and transformations of one’s earthy persona to reach “Ausar Consciousness.” Ausar Consciousness is that aspect of the Divine that represents the Oneness in All.  You may have heard of terms like Christ Consciousness and Buddha Consciousness. These concepts hold the same sacredness as Ausar Consciousness.

Seated on the 1st sphere of The Tree of Life, Ausar is position directly after Amen, which represents the Divine.  It is through Ausar Consciousness that one may experience that which is Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence.


We live in a world where everything, including ourselves, appears separate and apart from us which tends to make us individualistic. Your body, your mind, your ideas, your this — and your that. But, we all come from One source and to this One source we will return eventually as our Highest self. Ausar represents that Highest self: the Divine Self, unification, oneness. Ausar is that part of us that is incorruptible, the true Self that is not identified with our personhood or emotions, and is undisturbed by external forces. It is the indwelling consciousness that is the ‘witness within’ that sees all that we experience, but is forever unmoved by all that we experience.

Luxor Temple

There are some who have no awareness that we should aspire to this height, to this level of consciousness. But there are always those who do. They inspire us. They exhibit distinctive aspects of Ausar. For example, the prophets of the major religions Muhammad, Jesus and Buddha are noted for their Ausar consciousness. We recognize in these persons the common denominator in us all and in turn we also see it because of how people respond to them.

In the modern era, many believe Muhammad Ali possessed an aspect of this quality. People often wonder what there was about him. It was Ausar consciousness that shone through him and touched so many. This is why he was so loved. When Muhammad Ali looked at you it was felt he really saw you and saw himself in you and you in himself.

The Ausar consciousness is exemplified by the likes of The Dali Lama and Thich Nhat Khan. These are persons who are on the world stage to remind us of who we truly are. There are countless others whose names you will most likely will never hear of. This is unimportant. They live quiet lives and attend to spiritual work in the deep recesses of the world. Some reside in what is considered the uncivilized parts of this planet, living with nature.

For sure, there are those among us who you may know or have had a chance meeting who function in this way. They radiate pure peace at all times regardless of what is going on. Their love of the Divine is apparent to all who come within their presence.

It is my belief we all have from time to time fleeting moments of Ausar consciousness. We feel the love of the Divine and feel oneness with all creation: the sea, the sky, the galaxies, and persons we know and those we know not. May we aspire for Ausar consciousness often as we are able.

One way to heighten your Ausar consciousness is to do an austerity, a sacrifice, which means to give up something dear to you.  It’s a practice much like giving up something for Lent.  For Ausar the austerities would include giving up some or all of the following for a day, or 10 days or for the rest of this cycle: sex, some or all forms of entertainment, drugs and alcohol, negative emotionalism, and the most challenging of them all, giving of salt in your food.  Try abstaining from any one of these for a single day and see the tricks and rationalizations your mind will come up with about why you need not abstain.

Sacred Lotus flowers

Elements that correspond to Ausar are as follows: Sidereal full moon in Aquarius / day of the week – all days / Ausar resides on the 1st sphere of The Tree of Life, color is white, gemstone – none, herbs basil, sage, and marjoram.  The oils of Ausar are some of the most exquisite and expensive on the plane. They are tuberose, lotus and white roses.  I have all of these included in the Ausar Elixir.

”Personal Portfolio Emotional traits, beyond the influence of emotions.

Mental Traits are the origin of all wisdom.

Social correspondences: God Men/Women on earth and in the inner planes.” From the Metu Neter Vol.1 by Ra Un Nefer Amen

Other names of this aspect of the Divine One are Obtala from the Yoruba, Kether from the Kabala, Tara from Indus Cush, Metatron from the Cannanite, Osiris from the Greeks.

For a Spiritual Elixir of Ausar click here. It is recommended and best used when meditating on the aspects of Ausar.