The brilliance and sweetness of SunRayz will delight your heart and inspire your soul…

Sun Rayz has the lightness and flirty spirit of spring and summer and is formulated using an array of juicy fruits, white flowers, and warm woods.  The playful and yet luscious essences in SunRayz include at the top, the mouth-watering and juicy delights of Mandarin orange, bitter orange & clementine.

In the heart are the elegant white flowers of neroli and Bulgarian rose alba.  At the base holding it all together are minute traces of tonka and sustainable sandalwood and oakmoss.


Though Sun Rayz is a light and elegant spring / summer creation, it is highly recommended for warming your heart and keeping the sun close to you in autumn and in the deepest of the cold season, to lift your spirits.

With Sun Rayz you can reach for the energizing vibration of the Sun, the juiciness of citrus and the sweetness of white flowers at any time of the year…

Let the sun shine on your body and in your soul with