I have this love for stones, an undeniable connection. Perhaps it’s the allure of their grounding energy that attracts me? Stones can be found all around my home; their textures, varying colors, shapes, and the uniqueness of each one is just magical. Although rocks and stones may appear to be inert, each possesses energy and vibrations that they emit just like everything else in the Universe; stones have their own form of life and language. From the majesty of a mountain to sparkling jewels, stones have the ability to speak to our hearts and souls.

When I am in the jewelry district I am just in awe of the colors, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc. that have been fashioned into dazzling jewels that are works of art.  To think that these stones have come from nature is a testament to the many astounding gifts that is mined from this earth.

This is why creating bracelets made from stones of all colors, vibrations and sizes, is for a pleasure, a meditation for me. Each bead type, speaks in its own way as I string them.  I have had instances when I have purchased beads that for some reason, after buying them they just didn’t do it for me, they didn’t speak to me and they are still sitting in the bag.  When they start speaking, I’ll start stringing them. Other beads, call to me immediately and I can’t wait to get my hands on them and start creating.

For instance the soft pink of the Rose Quartz and the multi- colored pink of the Rhodochrosite are both about the healing vibration of love. Robert Simmons in The Book of Stones claims Rhodochrosite emanates one of the most tender and loving energies of any stone, soothing the heart, comforting the soul, and vibrating to the frequencies of inner peace. So when I am working with those beads I feel a love vibration that comes from the beads to me and from me back to the beads.  As my hands touch and handle these beads, I hold a love intention, I chant and or say prayers for love when working with those beads.  In other words, I am blessing the beads as I work with them. Each one of us has the ability to bless anything we do, if that is our intention.

I recently received an order to make bracelets of protection, particularly to ward against those who are envious. I immediately thought for this person the tiger’s eye stones would be good.  Even though, initially this client didn’t like the look and color of the tiger’s eye.  And I will admit that though I had them in stock, I wasn’t too keen on them either until I started stringing them.  It seemed that since their purpose was needed, they came alive. After research and much consideration, as it turned out, I had to let her know the tiger’s eye stones were still the best option for her. To dissuade and deflect unwanted jealousy and envy the watchful tiger’s eye was the perfect choice.

After a few days had passed I called to check on this client and sure enough, she had come around to appreciating the tiger’s eye bracelets.  She also shared that she enjoyed feeling the weight of the beads on her wrist.  In her own way she is energizing the beads and they are working for her.  Amazingly, this is how life goes…The day after writing this piece, this same client texts me to say her husband has squeezed one of her bracelets on and left out for work with it.  And her 5 year old has been trying to wear her bracelets as well.  She says she’s placing another order pronto, so they can have their own bracelets.

So know that these bracelets are truly made with purpose and intention. In addition to being attractive, they serve a purpose whether or not you or others are aware of it.  Stone Love, Baby!