Spritz It Baby!

It is such a delightful feeling when friends share with me their experiences of using Anu Essentials.  Two friends recently disclosed the impact of using Anu Essentials while traveling.  Let’s just say, they fragrantly and positively changed the odor profile on their flights.

One of my friends had the Citrus Refresh Spritzer with her and used it throughout a long flight to mitigate the strong, noxious smell of the passenger sitting next to her.  Another friend had left her Spritzer home, but her sister had some Anu Essentials Hair Oil and took that out, put some on her hands and that changed the scent profile of the space around and near them.  She said she was sure other passengers were also thankful that they were able to diffuse the gases of another passenger by using our botanically based oil.

I just on a flight the other day and the air was unusually dry. In addition to repeatedly asking for water to drink, I had to Spritz myself several times to keep from feeling like my skin was drying out. I even pulled out my lip balm to moisten my lips.  I was already headed to a dry destination, Tucson, Arizona, but more about that next week.  Now that I think of it, I really should have asked the flight attendant was there a way to adjust the climate, to add moisture to the air.  In the meantime, I had my Spritzer.

I also use our Refresh Spritzers to halt the onslaught and heat of a hot flash. The herbs, the essential oils, and the fragrance in the Spritzer recalibrate my mind and body.  I spritz, then inhale slowly, deeply, take in the aroma and if necessary, repeat.

My recommendation is to keep at least one of our Spritzers with you at all times.  You never know when you might need to become a superhero and slay bad odors, change, and fragrance the molecules in the space around you and others.  Remember to Spritz It Baby!


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