Some Like It Green!

It seems when I was in High School I discovered the color green.  It became my favorite color and my wardrobe was filled with shades of green.  As time went on, I realized that I really appreciated other things green, including green scents.

This summer I delighted in acquiring and wearing Mandy Aftel’s Trevert.  Trevert is a beautiful, green scent with the mysterious oils of tuberose and amber at the heart of the scent holding all those green notes together.  With Mandy’s scents you can always expect the best as she globe-trots the planet in search of the highest quality botanicals to create her scents.  Trevert  has an undertone of mystery, like walking into an forest, not certain of what will unfold, but knowing in your heart something enchanting will be revealed.

During my high school days I knew very little about scents.  Everyone my age was wearing Charlie,  I wanted to have a unique scent, not what everyone else was wearing.  It was years later that I came across a  green scent that I had to have, which was Prescriptives Calyx. It was a citrus scent with a vibrant grapefruit note that had me feeling separate from the crowd.  But it was being sold right at Macy’s, how different could that be???  I haven’t smelled it in years, as I moved towards more natural scents, I knew Calyx would no longer work for me.

A green scent that made me stop in my tracks this past spring was the very different I Am A Dandelion by Christopher Brosius of the ‘I Hate Perfume’ company.  What a scent!  It actually smells like dandelion, country dirt in the morning dew and then a it drys down to a light floral scent, with that green wafting through.  Divine!

While picking up the Trevert, I was enchanted by the Energizer a scent created by Michael Boadi Boadicea The Victorious.  The packaging alone looked so commanding.  But one bottle at a time, I  couldn’t get that and the Trevert…  A few weeks later when  I decided I had to have this green treasure, it was out of stock.  It was unavailable for weeks after being featured in Vogue as the hottest scent of Summer 2010.  Had I  known that when I first saw it… Lucky for me, my effervescent pal at Henri Bendel’s call me the moment Energizer arrived back in the store.  Snagged!

Energizer is a bold, green scent and some would say a bit masculine.  But that is a part of today’s trend, dual gender scents.  So I’m enjoying it.

Last but certainly not least, is my own green offering, the light and lovey Fresh Soap which is a perfect compliment to our Fresh Body Butter and Herbal Hair Oil.  All of which are lavender oil based.

After over-doing it with my workout, I needed to soak the body to relieve my poor, aching muscles.  I stepped into a steaming, hot tub of water, doused with Epsom salt, and a dash of lavender oil to relieve my pain. I also had a bar of Anu Essentials Fresh Soap with me.  What a delight!  It is just what the naturopathic doctor would have ordered, as lavender is excellent for relieving aches and pains.  Our Fresh soap is infused with French lavender oil,  Cedarwood, Lemon, and Fir Needles, and Benzoin and is  so refreshing.

I then buttered down with my Fresh Body Butter. All I could say was Ahhhhh…  I slept like a baby, a Fresh smelling baby.

Love Green, Green Power, Go Green!

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