Now that the sweet days of summer are officially behind us, you may find yourself reminiscing about sunny days by the seaside.  I grew up in Norfolk, Virginia a city with so many beaches.  It seemed every weekend of the summer my mom would take us to the beach.  My mom would scold me about how far out I’d like to swim; and she still does.  I just have a love and fearlessness about being in the water.  At the age of 10 my family relocated to NY, which is, as quiet as it’s kept, also a beach town, an island surrounded by water, beaches.  I always imagined that one day I’d live within feet of a beach…that no loner seems prudent given climate change

You know how it is when you arrive at the beach, it has that beach smell, a kind of sweet funkiness.  I was driven to capture that essence in a bottle.  Sea Scape Perfume as an ode to the sea and the Great Mother, the diety that governs the sea, whose love for her children runs as deep as the sea.  She is heralded through many cultures and called by many different names depending on the region.  Some names include Auset, Yemanja, Holy Mother, Mother Goddess, Black Madonna, etc.  The attributes of this aspect of the Divine One is that of nurturer, healer, one who soothes, calms, and comforts all.  Everyone knows of a person who has these kinds of qualities.  They attract people like bees to honey, children especially are drawn to those who embody these attributes.  It is the way of the Great Mother to flow like water, over, under, and around obstacles.  Her way is gentle but effective.  Leave the sharpest piece of glass in the sea, and eventually it will have no hard edges, instead it will have rounded, smooth corners.  That is her way.

As such Sea Scape in addition to being a perfume can also be used as a healing essence via its aroma-theraputic qualities.  All of the ingredients are from nature, there are no aroma chemicals in Sea Scape.  I gave a bottle of Sea Scape to a dear friend whose mother had passed; I instructed her to spray a little on each night before going to bed.  She has reported back to me that the fragrance had a very relaxing impact on her.

The accord (main three essences) are two kinds of jasmine, violet leaf, and ambergris.  Yes real ambergris is a sacred ingredient in Sea Scape.  Other botanicals in this perfume include seaweed, rose alba, clementine, neroli, bergamot, and opoponax just to name a few.  So, when you feel the need to bring the sea closer to thee, try Anu Essentials Sea Scape.