I am always amazed when I meet people who abhor the scent of roses.   I hear two things from those who cannot appreciate this ancient queen of all flowers. One, is that it reminds them of church ladies, of grandmothers. An ancient flower that has sprinkled beauty and magic all over the world for centuries, is yes, an element that would be present in the perfumes of grandmothers. It is often the case that in our Grandmother’s time, the scent of roses may have been heavily dosed, unlike like the “cleaner” more minimalist versions of today’s, and each passing generation’s more transparent, commercial perfumes.

But consider this, Grandmothers were once, young, bright, and sensual beings like you are… or  you once were. Along the way, she picked up a number of magical experiences and things that would slip easily into her secret sachet of sweetness. That sweetness she experienced has not gone away, it lingers in her heart, in her memories; these memories help make her who she is. They are tucked in her bosom and in other sweet places on and in her body/mind. This sweetness that Grandma has gathered, is in large part why you love grandma. Roses represent the element of sweetness in life. Grandma has a special sweetness in her touch, in her way, in the way that she loves you. She has sweet spots on her body that you want to snuggle on for comfort.

Roses are in at least 75% of all perfumes made in the world; either perfumes are made with real rose or with a combo of real rose and synthetic rose; both of which would demand a premium price. Or perfumes are formulated using an all synthetic version of rose, which is a 1000 times less expensive than real roses. Roses rank as number one, in its ability to easily blend with all other essences, so ultra smooth is its true essence. As noted natural perfumer and teacher Mandy Aftel loves to say, rose plays well with all other essences.  So often times rose is there in the background working its magic and undetectable to the novice sniffer.

The other thing I hear is that roses remind people of funerals. All I can say is that for eons, those who are making their transition are given roses for their send off in the form of bouquets, by those who love and or respect them. Oh yes, roses also represent love, all kinds of love. For romantic love yellow roses are the ticket, friendship love is represented in pink and orange rose, white roses add a regal quality to austere ceremonies like memorials and funerals, and red roses represent passion. And that is why roses are queen of all flowers, it represents love and sweetness. Anu Essentials products scented with rose are our  “Love Your Body” Sultry Body Butter, Sultry Soap and Sultry Body Polish to nourish, beautify and make soft and smooth, the largest organ of the body, the skin.  Prominent in the accord of our Sita Perfume is an exquisite Bulgarian rose oil.

12307432_10206941554511802_9113499747080855512_oAlso very true is the fact that scent is one of those things that no can talk you into liking or not liking. It either hits you in your pleasure zone or it doesn’t. I have no shame in declaring my love of roses, the flower of the Venusian goddess Oshun, Het Heru, Aphrodite – the archetype of beauty, love, art, sensuality, sexuality and harmony in all relationships. Oh yes darling, I’ll take my roses now and then (at my send off) just make them yellow, pink, peach or white.