Taking good care of yourself is one good thing that many Moms can’t seem to find the time to do. And one really easy and accessible fix for a tired mine, body and spirit, is bathing. As far as I’m concerned bathing is paramount to a spiritual experience. To be able to cleanse the body daily, is a true blessing often taken for granted in our culture. The ritual of bathing is renewing, refreshing and soothes the spirit. And a shower is no comparison to soaking in a tub of warm water. What makes this experience all the more special for me, is knowing that I am cleansing and moisturizing with products that are healthy for my body and that uplift my mind and spirits! This is what Anu Essentials offers for your morning and/or evening bathing ritual. Natural handmade soaps and Body Butters scented with botanicals.

When you bathe, it’s a time to slow down, to make every movement deliberate and to be very present to where you are and what you’re doing. Let the rest of the world melt away, you’re taking care of you. Take this time to really inhale the scent of the soaps, to slowly massage in your Body Butter. And since your scalp is damp from the hot bath, this would be a great time to gently and lovingly massage your scalp using Anu Essentials Hair Oils.

When I’m stressed and frazzled and need to recalibrate myself, I will often take a bath, bathing with the Anu Essentials Balmy soap and Body Butter my body down with the Balmy Body Butter. Ahhh… so delicious and relaxing!

When I’m tired and need a lift-me-up, I opt for the zesty scents of the Juicy Soap and Body Butter or the refreshing Fresh Soap and Body Butter.

Sometimes you just need some loving, and who better to love you than you! With that in mind, I bathe and butter down with the sexy Sultry.

Other all-time favorites scented with fragrance materials are: Heavenly, Pink Petals, Green Tea and Big Papa.

This Mother’s Day, remember that Anu Essentials make perfect, affordable gift items. They smell good, which leaves you feeling good and when you feel good, you look good.

Anu Essentials

Smell Good, Feel Good, Look Good.

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