Mercury in Retrograde – Winter 2016

Have you heard that Mercury goes retrograde this coming Monday, December 19th  and will stay with us until Sunday, January 8th? According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, for those who aren’t familiar, “The planet in retrograde is on the opposite side of the orbit from us, still revolving around the sun in the same direction. It just *looks* like it’s going backwards across the sky. Mercury does it more often because of the number of times it goes around the sun vs. the number of times we go around the sun.”

Before the retrograde period begins you should prepare by getting all of your ducks in a row. Just remember, no energy shows up all at once. As the vibratory energy of Mercury retrogrades, and well before its actual arrival, you may have already begun feeling some of its effects. During the retrograde cycle is not a good time to begin anything new.

Mercury is the planet in charge of communications – all communications, verbal, written, electronic systems, and moving parts, etc. During the retrograde phase, there’s a tendency for communications to falter. So it’s a good time to take great care with all communications, whether verbal or electronic. It is also highly recommended that you not sign contracts during MIR. Misinterpretations, misunderstandings, wrong perceptions, and delays in correspondences can become lost in cyberspace and in translation. Snail mail can also get lost or delayed. So if you’re planning on ordering online or mailing holiday gifts, don’t wait until the last minute.

Shiny mercury metal drops and droplets isolated on white background, Hg

Mercurial elements are inherently clever, slippery and made of trickery and games. So be mindful that you don’t get caught up in that from others or, get wrap up in mind games in the way of rationalizations, sliding down the slippery slope of negative mental chatter and other mental gymnastics.

Mercury is also in charge of transportation. There could be delays with travel, break down of your car, having to take alternate routes that you were not expecting not just in travel, but in life.

Mercury rules electronics. So if you’re having problems with any of your devices, do not delay in having them repaired or attended to before the 19th. It is not recommended that you purchase electronics during Mercury in Retrograde. Because there is a possibility that electronic purchases obtained during the retrograde period will have some type of glitch. You will end up having to return them.

Composition with chessmen on glossy chess board

This can be a time of reflection for you as things don’t go the way you had perhaps imagined they would or in the time frame you believe they should have occurred. There can be reversals that were initially moving forward. I have even heard that this particular retrograde period will be more of a deciphering of secret codes and less about communications and travel. But we shall see.

During the actual Mercury in Retrograde (MIR) period, there is a great chance that you will be called upon to exercise patience. So for all the above reasons, one is counseled to be patient during Mercury in retrograde.

Have no fear my friends. This retrograde period will last only three long, I mean short weeks. You can make it through. Just take long, slow, deep breaths and remember all things serve to further.

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