Anu Essentials Meadow Lark Perfume was reviewed in  xoVain along with 6 other Indie Perfumes.  We are so delighted to be included in this exquisite line up.  Meadow Lark offers spring and summer all year around and Wendy connoisseur of fine fragrances, absolutely nailed it!

With a blend of some 30 essences, some of the notes in Meadow Lark include at the base labdanum, frankincense, and oakmoss.  In the heart are Bulgarian rose alba, jasmine grandiflorum and clary sage.  And sparkling at the top are tarragon and clementine.

 Essential Oil


Meadow Lark is not only delightful to smell, but it was formulated with the intention of lifting and cleansing one’s spirits via aromatherapy.  Allow this perfume to take you to down a path to lush meadows filled with hints of wild flowers.  Inhale slowly and deeply, exhale completely… and flow!



Anu Essentials Meadow Lark Perfume