Sunrise and dramatic clouds over Lavender Field

I absolutely love lavender.  The Beatles made a song about strawberry fields, if I were a singer, I’d write a song about lavender fields. I love everything about lavender, the oil, the, color and of course, the fragrance and its countless healing properties.  The uplifting and refreshing aroma of lavender literally makes me swoon.

The healing and sweet herbal scent of lavender is the fragrance of our Herbal Hair Oil, but to my dismay, it is the least favored by our clients. While we run out of labels and have to replace them for the other Hair Oils, the Herbal labels look like they’ll last well into the next decade. In addition to the numbers, this is yet another sign that this product is just not a hit.

The confusing part is that our lavender infused body products like the Herbal Body Butter, Body Polish and Soaps are our top sellers.  It’s the same aroma, but for some reason the Hair Oil doesn’t garner the same response. In addition, the cost of real lavender oil continues to rise along with the wholeness movement, making it our most expensive Hair Oil. (FYI it takes considerably more lavender to scent the Hair Oil than it does the body products. This is why the Herbal Hair Oil cost more than the other Hair Oils.)  But that’s all about to end.

After much consideration, I’m returning to Lemongrass, the original Herbal fragrance for the Herbal Hair Oil.  Back in the early 80s the Medicinal was the first and only hair oil offered with my services at that time.  When I decided to expand the options, I added Golden Blossom scented with citrus oil and Herbal, scented with lemongrass.

I had a few complaints about the lemongrass and changed the scent to lavender in an effort to please my clients.  Seems that was a mistake.  The lavender has never been as popular as the lemongrass was.  When this last batch of Lavender scented Herbal Oil is completed, I will make the official announcement of the change over to lemongrass.

Lemongrass – herb plant fresh leaves and drop of water

To my fellow lavender lovers, stock up while they last.  And feel free to email me – – about this if it really matters to you. I’d like to hear your feedback.