It’s Warrior Time

The new moon arrived October 31st and will be waxing towards a full beaver’s Moon on November 14th.  The positive energies of the Warrior cycle that reflect the aspects of the Divine are: courage, strength, power, endurance, justice and industry.

These are the kind of qualities you find in certain kinds of professions like firefighters, leaders of industry, military leaders, hunters, Head hunters, true Super Heroes; think of Pilot Sully Sullenberg or activist Harry Belafonte and Jesse Williams, and Luke Cage. You can also recognize the positive influence and power of this energy in those who have professions that champion and protect those who cannot protect themselves like children, think of Marian Wright Elderman or Stacey Patton.  There are political warriors like Fannie Lou Hamer and The Unbought Unbossed Shirley Chisholm to name a few– oh yes, woman are warriors too!  Warriors come in all walks of life ~ artists, educators, environmentalists like Vandana Shiva and parents worldwide.  There are also spiritual warriors, think Mahatma Gandi, Thich Nhat Hahn. The elderly and the disenfranchised are also protected by true warriors.


Ibtihaj Muhammad – Fencer ~ From The Source

Above are the positive aspects of this energy. But during this moon cycle, it is important to be aware of the negative aspects of this energy because they can impact you and those close to you. Those negative aspects include – fear, anger, violence, domination, and brutality. Some things that are more prone to happen during this warrior cycle can include accidents, car accidents, falls, freak accidents, blood shed, fights, killings etc. and anything done with violence and force. So it’s also a time to be mindful and careful.

It is very unfortunate that in our society we have many who have warrior professions (policemen) but don’t have the makings of  true warriors. They don warrior uniforms and gear, but in their spirits, their minds and hearts many are cowards.  Instead of functioning from a place of confidence true strength and power, they function from a place of fear, hate and thus end up killing and maiming those they are charged to lead and protect. ” Psalms 144: 1-2 Of David. Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle; he is my steadfast love and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield and he in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me.”


statue at alexander bridge Paris


To avoid and mitigate the negative side of this energy during this moon cycle, it is wise for you to be conscious of negative emotions like fear and anger. You may have heard the saying “in life you’re either functioning from love or from fear.” Fear is the opposite emotion of the evolved warrior.

Often times we don’t realize emotions like anger, envy, jealousy, insecurities, come from fear. Fear is the culprit in all these emotions, making this a most auspicious time to sit down and examine your fears. Take out pen and paper and write down your fears, your negative emotions and be truthful about these emotions. Are you fueling them making them bigger and deeper than they are? What can you do to disperse these energies? Affirmations, prayer, meditation, being minduful, reading sacred texts, listening to spiritual or religious music are tools you can use to shift your energies and gain a more evolved perspective to assist you in conquering your fears.


Sitting Bull

It can happen that examining your fears can allow you to dismantle them. In every situation where you have fear ask yourself, what is the worse that could happen? How likely is that thing you fear to occur? In this way we pull the back the curtain to see the Wizard of Oz (our ego) being the source of the grief and suffering we experience. Here is our opportunity to reveal to ourselves that our negative emotions are unfounded and under examination, can be healed. Our fears are not bigger, stronger or more resilient that we are. We are the rulers of our world, not our fears. They only have the control over us that we allow them to have. We are more powerful than we realize and should seize the opportunity to take control over those things that undermine our ability to be whole, healthy and happy.


We may suffer from the fear of flying… flying high in our lives and acquiring what it is we truly want, making real our true passions and aspirations. During this Warrior cycle be like the positive aspect of this energy and slay your fears, be fearless, courageous, industrious, face your fears, stare them down and take charge of your heart and mind, your life.

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