How To Be Fresh When Traveling

There are many times upon entering a room when I’ve had the desire to be refreshed by the aromatic smell and healing power of a botanical element. To me, the way an environment smells is more important than the way it looks. Nothing enhances a room more than a fresh aromatic delight. Then it occurred to me that others might feel the same way that I do. So I developed a line of Refresh Spritzers, blending naturally fragrant, botanical elixirs, that will refresh you and the air around you, but do not take your breathe away.

Rosemary oil. Rosemary essential oil jar glass bottle and branches of plant rosemary with flowers on rustic background.

Synthetically scented freshners with their overbearing odors sometimes cause a choking feeling. However, our botanical Refresh Spritzers prompt a natural reflex, a willingness to inhale deeply in order to fully experience their smell. In this line of Spritzers you will inhale
elements from nature, flowers, herbs, and oils. Their DNA is similar to our own human DNA; and is instantly recognizable by our senses as something good for us. The body, mind and spirit intuitively know these smells are in-tune with our bodies, and that they are safe.  This makes
them a joy to experience.

The Refresh Spritzers come in three different aromas:

Citrus is comprised of a mélange of citrus oils, sweet orange, Mandarin & Bitter Orange to name a few. Our Citrus Spritzer has an uplifting, inspiring and refreshing affect on the mind and body.

Forest has a soft herbal aroma, a blend of French lavender and Fir needle essences to inspire and transport you to the great outdoors.

Fleur is a blend of real rose and ylang ylang for those who like floral aromas. Often times there is no sense of how real rose smells. Real rose has an earthy quality that offers a soft, velvety essence. And then there’s a little ylang ylang to make it pop.

Fresh lavender flowers and bottle of oil on wooden background

If you’re feeling down, tired, exhausted, or perhaps not so fresh, gently spray one of our Spritzers towards your face and inhale slowly, deeply.  This will relax  you and give you a sense of well-being.  You can repeat this several times with no harm to your or your environment. You can repeat this several times with no harm to you or your environment.

In addition, to refreshing you, our Refresh Spritzers address unpleasant odors in the air quickly and gently. Recently on a relatively long flight (5 hours)  the person sitting next to me was unable to keep their natural gases to themselves. Oh yes! I’m going to tell you the truth. I cannot judge her for we all have this gas that can escape from us at any time.  So I would have had the same solution, had I been the culprit. I graciously pulled out my Forest Spritzer and dispersed the botanical compounds into the air in a safe, softly fragrant and reliable way. It’s not uncommon to feel kind of depleted after a long flight and spraying the Spritzer towards your face and inhaling deeply several times is a great way to instantly, refresh.  In other words, don’t leave home without our Refresh Spritzers.

I carry at least one in my purse at all times and I keep one in my car. Check them out below!


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