How To Look Ageless


As I approach the end of my 60th year, I found it touching when a dear friend who is decades younger than I, suggested that I write a blog post on how to look ageless. I honestly believe that the main key to looking ageless is directly linked to feeling ageless by keeping that child within us engaged. I have found that looking at the world from the perspective of wonder and newness engenders youthful vitality.

Peace and Joy ~ It’s not always easy, but keeping a smile on my face and in my heart is one of those ethereal elements that I believe engenders youthfulness.  Every day I make an effort to be at peace about whatever is happening in my life. It’s not always easy but I try to get back to my joy as soon as possible, particularly when times are rough. I laugh as often as I can and make an effort to share my joy with others, friends and strangers alike.

Hard Knocks in Life & Love ~ I have no time or space in my life for being bitter or jaded, both leave a scowl on the face and on the soul.  So, when life or love knock me down, I get back up.  Sometimes I can jump up from a knockdown.  Other times I have had to crawl to get up, but I get the hell back up, hoist up into the saddle and ride.  Daily meditation and spiritual rituals help me with those hard knocks.

Instant Face Lift ~ I’ve been wearing my hair cut short for seven years now.  Recently, I had my hair braided and the compliments started pouring in. It’s that slight pull all over the scalp from having your hair braided that not only lifts the skin of the scalp, but it also lifts and tightens the skin of the face.  Don’t want braids or twists?  Then consider having a fresh haircut, or a massaging shampoo, or a hair/scalp treatment.  These too can cause one to look renewed.

Beauty rituals ~ Oh yeah! I don’t skip these practices.  At least once a week I exfoliate my skin, give my self a facial and take a bubble bath.  Each day after I shower I lovingly apply a moisturizer to my body. What I mean by lovingly is that I am totally present in this beauty ritual, because it may be the only time that entire day that my body is lovingly touched or touched at all. This is a way that gives thanks to a body that serves me, that gets me out of bed and takes me from point A to point Z. I do believe that as we age, though it might not be as easy, we should say nice things to and about our bodies because the cells of our bodies are listening in on these conversations and are responding accordingly. If you haven’t already done so, check out Deepak Chopra’s book Ageless Body Timeless Mind.  I read it years ago and it still informs the way I think about my body today.  This might be a great book to listen to on Audible.

Being A Maker ~ I have been making products since 1979 when I began blending oils to nourish the hair and scalp of my clients. I enjoy blending oils so much that instead of feeling like work, it feels like play to have my hands constantly touching elements that come from the earth.  Whether its large bulk oils for hair and body, or petite oils for perfumery, stones for bracelets, herbs to make Spritzers, or resins to fragrance my home, these elements offer me opportunity to connect with nature.  With this work, I feel in alignment with my purpose, which I find uplifting and inspiring.

Wonder ~ I make an attempt to have a daily dose of wonder regarding this world. No matter what goes down, I am in awe of things big and small.  Big things like the weather and the sky and how they shift from one moment to the next, constantly amaze me.  The moon and the stars dazzle my mind. Small things like my kitties and their innate behaviors can tickle and delight me, most times. Nature is an endless source of wonder all its own that continues to inspire and renew me.

Sisters and Sister Friends  ~ I have the most amazing sisters and sister-friends in the world.  They are all smart, fun to be around, informative, playful, serious, real die-hard sister friends.  Many of them are years older than me, and then I have friends who are decades younger than I am. I try to learn from them all.  They keep me going and they allow me to realize that I am blessed.

The Usual Suspects ~ Of course, there’s nothing like regular exercise, a healthful diet and getting a proper amount of sleep to keep one in good stead.  There’s been so much written on this topic, so I won’t go into it.  Let me just say that I get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night, I try every day to eat right and I have exercised and practiced yoga my entire adult life and I believe it helps maintain my vitality, vim, and vigor for life.

Travel ~ There is not enough I can say about how travel inspires and brings out the child within.  Exposing ourselves to new adventures engages that innocent part of us that longs to learn something new.

Some of the above may be what my young friend perhaps experiences from me when she offers that I should share my secrets to being youthful.  In the end, it’s our thoughts that make us everything that we are. Since we have the power to generate, monitor and tailor our thoughts, we need to be watchful of them and make certain that they are talking to us like a loving friend.