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Many years ago I started the practice of massaging the feet of friends on their wedding day.  The first time was for my friend Jennifer on her wedding day.  Brides are usually a little jittery on that big day, so I thought this would be a lovely way of calming them down.  But I found I also like to give foot massages to friends and family when I visit them in the hospital or if they aren’t feeling well, whether they’re in the hospital or not.


I really don’t what it is with me and feet…  But I do know that the feet are filled with nerve endings and have connections to both major and minor organs, as well as meridian channels of the body.  So when your feet are massaged or pressure points manipulated or soaked in warm water with botanicals or salts, it can be a heavenly as well as healing experience.  And it’s a simple but effective practice of offering care to yourself and others.

Anu Prestonia's feetMy feet at the beach

After 2 days of walking endlessly at the blogher14 convention I was exhausted and decided to treat myself to a reflexology session at the spa in the hotel where I’m staying.  It’s been a couple of years since the last time I’ve had a reflexology sessions, and let me tell you, it is one heavenly experience.  I literally felt my eyes roll back in my head, that’s how good it felt.   Some of the pressure points on my feet were tender and they hurt so good as the masseuse kneaded and manipulated my feet.  When I finally forced myself up from the table massage table, I felt drunk with relaxation but my feet felt invigorated.

I discovered today that this is one experience I now feel I should treat myself to more often.  I give this treat to others, but I haven’t been making the time or effort to receive one myself.  Though during the winter months, I will often soak my feel in warm water with a little oil for the aroma therapy benefits.  But now I’m thinking, one of my sisters has good skills with massaging and I’m going to inform her that this is one treat we should give to each other on a regular basis, at least once a month.  This is a small treat that offers a practice of self love and self care.  And yes, you, me, we deserve both!  We should take the time for these little rituals because they can make a world of difference in how we feel, refueling us.

And of course, I recommend the practice of prettying your feet everyday after bathing with Anu Essentials Body Butter, (that’s what I do). With this practice your feet look good and feel good, and of course with Anu Essentials, they’re also going to smell good.

Continued Blessings!