Our ancestors are with us.  They want to be a part of our lives. Sometimes we are of two minds when it comes to our thoughts and beliefs about our ancestors about those whom we love who are on the other side.  These split ideas may have to do with our religion or culture or just not being sure.  On the one hand, we believe they are SIMPLY gone, unreachable – DEAD.  On the other hand, something within us knows that they are ever near and that Life is cyclical and as such, there is no death… only birth, life, and rebirth.

I honestly believe those who love us and whom we love are always with us.  It amazes me how the ancestors have infiltrated the Internet.  People are always posting images of those who are deceased.  Another reminder, they are wherever we are.  We’re on the Internet, so they show up on the Internet.  If that isn’t confirmation, I don’t know what is.

There are times when we think of them, miss them, long for them, but know not what to do to honor them, how we feel about our seeming loss of them. One thing that I can suggest is setting up an “official” shrine, a sacred space just to acknowledge them.

The shrine doesn’t have to be complicated or deep, only as deep as you want it to be.  You can start with just a photo of your beloved ancestor(s), a vase of fragrant flowers, and a glass of water that you refresh daily.  Perhaps you also place there something you have that belongs to them (like their bible) or something you’d like to give them.  Say a prayer, or simply talk to them.  Tell them about your hopes, your dreams, your troubles, and ask them for guidance.  Tell them how much you love and miss them.  Sing for them, dance, play an instrument, cry, laugh, tell them a joke you know they’d like, act out… give them some energy and send them Light and Love!

Do you think they do not hear you, feel you?  Oh, but they do.  And they want more than anything to assure you they are in a place of perfect peace.  Your pain about them is not what they want for you.  Know that your joy increases their joy.  Acknowledging your ancestors in this way can be a means of solace for you in a way you might never have imagined.  Listen here to one of my favorite songs about Ancestors, Breaths.