Did you know that the largest organ in the body is our skin, making up 16% of our body weight? This means that it is very special and should be treated with the utmost care. For example, the skin regulates body temperature, offers protection from the elements, and synthesizes chemicals. It’s no wonder many of us are attracted to soft and healthy skin; it beckons to be touched and caressed.

Anu Essentials Sugar Polish was created to exfoliate and soften the toughest skin. Made with Fair Trade organic sugar from Malawi in Southeast Africa, it’s a pure, wholesome treat. Our base oils are comprised of almond, jojoba, cocoanut, pomegranate, and vitamin E oils.  High grade essentials oils and resins are use to scent our Polishes and offer that aromatherapy experience. The sugar does the heavy lifting by removing dead skin cells and the luscious oils are added to soften and soothe the skin.


There are two ways to polish:

After a long soak in warm water, you can polish your skin in the bathtub, or if you’re in a hurry, you can polish in the shower first, then use Anu Essential Natural Soaps to wash it off. My preference is to luxuriate and use our Polish while in the bathtub.

Here’s how to polish your skin.

1. First prepare the body by bathing making the body clean, moist, and porous.

2. After bathing and rinsing off all the soap, take a small scoop of polish in your hand,

3. Then firmly rub the polish in circular motions on any part of your skin, and

4. Repeat for each limb or area of your body until the entire body has received your love (but do not use our polish on your face).

It’s best to polish your skin when your body parts are not submerged in water. So swing that leg onto the rim of the tub, lift up your arms, and get off your derrière to polish your gluteus maximus. Yes, you can polish the entire body, even your bootie.  And if you really want to have fun, Body Polishing can be a shared experience with your Beloved.  Polish their body and allow them polish yours.  Ahhhh…


There’s no need to worry about making a mess with Anu Essentials Body Polish. The oils included are rich, so a little goes a long way. Our intention is for you to have a neat exfoliation experience. Exfoliating not only removes dead skin cells, it leaves the skin feeling soft, looking radiant, and smelling divine.  An added benefit is that the hands that are doing the exfoliation, also become exfoliated, leaving the palms feeling soft and smooth.

Body Polishing is a process of self care that can offer you a fun and stimulating way to be loving towards your body.  I say stimulating because the friction required for removal of dead skin cells wakes the skin up, causes an increase in circulation and invigorates the lymph system.  Whether with a partner or solo, I encourage to make your Body Polish sessions special… light a candle, put on some soothing music and be present to each moment of this stimulating beauty ritual.


For a layered experience, each of our body polishes can be paired with a matching Anu Essentials Body Butters and or Soaps. Plus they make great, inexpensive gifts.

NOTE: Read the instructions which include info on how to use the Polish in different climates. And don’t worry, our scents are subtle so as not to clash with your favorite perfume.

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