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Admit it, there’s nothing like taking a relaxing bubble bath to remove the stress and grime of the day.  And what better way to do so than using products that are healthy and moisturizing for your body and harmless to the environment.   Anu Essentials Soaps natural glycerine soap are not only pretty to look at, they are formulated using botanicals (plant materials) and the highest quality of ingredients.  They also make great gifts for friends, family and yes, for you too!


Keep it fresh!  FRESH SOAP – Why is our Fresh Soap called Fresh?  It’s because we use the uplifting and healing botanical known as lavender oil to scent our Fresh Soap.  Many companies artificially dye lavender smelling products to make them the color of lavender.  And many use synthetic lavender fragrance.  But with Anu Essentials, there are no dyes used in our products, only the natural color that comes from the oils themselves.  And we use real lavender oil to scent our Fresh Soap, Fresh Body Butter and Herbal Hair Oil.  Real lavender is one of those raw materials whose prices have more than tripled in price, but we continue to use real lavender, and we always will.  Be Fresh!

You’re So Juicy!  JUICY SOAP – Is made with the refreshing oils of citrus fruits.  Have you ever been around citrus fruits being juiced?  Makes your mouth water doesn’t it?  Our Juicy Soap is scented and colored by the oils that are expressed from real orange, pink grapefruit and tangerine rinds.  And we spike our Juicy Soap, Juicy Body Butter and Golden Blossom Hair Oils with a little ylang ylang for that tangy lift.

Ahhh a Balmy  breeze blowing in the evening!  BALMY SOAP – Why is balmy so brown?  You rarely see brown cosmetics.  Used to be a time when many things were brown, like brown rice, brown flour, and brown sugar.  But someone came up with the idea that white is better than brown and so they bleached all those nutritious brown gifts from nature.  Thank goodness brown had found it’s way back!  Our Balmy is brown because it is scented with the resinous oils of benzoin, Peru balsam and vanilla, making our Balmy Soap a luscious, soft and powdery scent perfect for seduction.  So if you don’t like brown, smell our Balmy soap and believe me, you’ll come around.  These resinous botanicals are also used in our Balmy Body Butter and Honey Suckle Hair Oil.

A cup of Green Tea please!  GREEN TEA – Our Green Tea products have been a very popular from the beginning.  But I will be the first to admit that our Green Tea soap is not scented with a green tea botanical oil.  It is a fragrance oil that was designed to smell like what most people would believe green tea oil to smell like.  Real Green Tea oil is not as sweet a smell, it’s a much softer, rounder, deeper scent than the brightness of a fragrance green tea smell.  I love the smell of real green tea oil and most natural perfumers adore it.  We are looking to transition our Green Tea products to a natural green tea scent in the future, but we know we will disappoint our current green tea lovers.  Perhaps we’ll just offer both.  Our other Green Tea products are Green Tea Body Butter and Green Tea Hair Oil.

Last but certainly not least, The Sultry Seductress – SULTRY SOAP– Our sultry soap was created because of my love of roses.  Roses are the most coveted flower of all the ages.  They are legendary in their power to appeal and heal.  Yes!  The oil from roses like most other flowers, have healing abilities.  One of the organs the rose is known for healing is the heart.  Uplifting one’s spirit and soothing the heart.  No wonder roses are given to express love.  So real rose concrete and ylang ylang are used in our Sultry soap and we have Edwardian rose in our Sultry Body Butter.  The hair oil that would most compliment our Sultry products, is our Honey Suckle Hair Oil.

Remember when you’re feeling frazzled and you need some me time, run a warm bath, add some natural bubble bath, soak and relax and when you ready to bathe, use Anu Essentials natural Soaps to enhance your bathing experience and uplift your spirit.


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