The Anu Essentials natural line of Body Butters has been reformulated to offer you a more refined skin-pampering experience.  As always, our butters are infused with gifts from nature: botanicals, herbs, vitamins, jojoba, sunflower and almond oils to name a few.  Rounding off our new formulation are the hydrating elements of deionized water, aloe vera and chamomile extracts for a more moisturizing and penetrating effect.  We have also included natural stabilizers for a longer lasting shelf life.  So butter up and butter down!



The scents of our butters have been slightly tweaked as well.  In keeping with their original concepts, our Juicy Body Butter is still citrus with a dash of ylang ylang.  Our Fresh Body Butter, always infused with lavender, is now spiked with Spanish lavender.  Edwardian rose, an authentic extract of the queen of flowers, graces our Sultry Body Butter.  Ahhhh!  Our Balmy Body Butter offers the soft and subtle smell of real vanilla bean extracts with a hint of sustainable sandalwood.  (As you may know, if you’ve ever cooked with vanilla extract, real vanilla costs a pretty penny!) Our Green Tea Body Butter is still the same Green Tea fragrance (not essential) oil you’ve come to know and is found in our Green Tea Hair Oil and Green Tea soap.


As always, we put quality at the top of our ingredient list.  Using natural fragrances offers a different experience than does synthetic fragrances.  As such, the scent of our butters do not jump out of the jar, over power your perfume, follow you around all day or announce itself from afar.  Botanical-based butters offer a subtle and sublime olfactory experience.  There is a softness that encourages you to lean in and inhale slowly and deeply for a more refined adventure.  So we encourage you to try our new line of butters. You, too, can…

Smell Good! Feel Good! Look Good!

Anu Essentials