When wearing anything that touches your body, those items will be infused  with your energies, natural aromas, and DNA.  This is true of not only your clothing but also your jewelry. Jewelry made of natural elements whether metals, stones, bones, horns, or leather, have their own vibrations, aroma, and DNA, which naturally effects us.  These effects may be subtle or overt.

Jewelry worn for specific purposes are known as talismans, a catch-all term for medicine and magic. Other names for talismans include lucky charms, amulets, and totems. I know I feel particularly magical when wearing intention bracelets. Just looking at them can have a soothing effect on me and I believe they are energized by the appreciation I have for them. Anything we put your focus or energy on, we stimulate.

Labradorite Stones at Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

I have worn a watch nearly every day until recently. A few years back when many started using their cell phones to tell time, it was difficult for me to adopt that habit. I have always had an appreciation for watches, and I thought I had to have on a timepiece. I didn’t know there was anything that could keep me from wearing a watch, until now. I have given up wearing watches to wear my intention bracelets on both wrists. With my intention bracelets on, I feel armed, bedazzled, and fully dressed, and ready to face the world.  I do not leave home without them.

Our latest offerings are made from the exceptional labradorite stone. I have been wearing labradorite since purchasing these incredible beauties at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  Due to their iridescent and translucent qualities, these beads are mesmerizing as they sparkle and shine, though sometimes they resemble luster of Tahitian pearls. Lighting and movement influence the hue of labradorite, making them all the more magical.

Wearing or carrying labradorite is said to inspire because of their metaphysical properties of protecting the aura and clearing away negativity. They are known to enhance intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, and prophecy. This stone also promotes calmness and increases one’s joy.  I know the joy I feel from just looking at them and noticing how the light changes their color from gray to blue and green.

Check out our selection of Intention bracelets and see which ones speak to you. Wear them with a particular intention in mind. When you take off your bracelets, don’t lay them anywhere, put them in a special place. Every once in a while spray your Intention Bracelets with a Spiritual Spritzer to cleanse and revitalize them. Order yours today and share the experience and magic of labradorite.